Friday, March 09, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: With Pain Meds?

The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke is a Zumba beast...she danced her booty off so hard she wound up injured! Now what?

My shoulder hurts. HURTS. It's as simple as a strained AC ligament, but dang. The good news is the doctor says it usually resolves itself in a week or so. (I do not have the time or patience for the other options. Must feel better.) The bad news...I can't hold anything in my right hand. Not even my handbag or my daughter's hand when we're walking. OK then.

I left with a prescription for pain meds and to lay off the booty shaking in Zumba. Pain meds aren't much help, but I am missing Zumba already. There is something about the upbeat music, pretending I can hit the steps as well as the instructor and burning 600 calories that really fills my well.

So what to do? I have Zumba on the Wii where you wear a belt that lets the Wii-mote monitor your booty shaking. Maybe I could do it without the arms? Or one armed? My left is fine.

After my health issues of the winter and the pain meds needed there, I'm not so interested in taking more. I don't write well on pain meds. My ADD goes a little crazy and focusing goes out the window. And the annoying intestine probably won't like them. Plus, I shouldn't drive. And I have places to be. Okay, so my kids have places to be.

So, I'm just going to deal with the angry shoulder. But I do need something to perk my mood the way Zumba does. Maybe blasting the music loud? Hitting the eliptical machine and watching junk TV?

What do you do to lift your mood?

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For Kicks is as decadent as a chocolate layer cake, as bubbly as a flute of champagne and as exhilarating as a roller-coaster ride. Bayley-Burke writes blood- pumping contemporary romance that will leave readers energized.” 4 1/2 stars, Romantic Times

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  1. Like you I dance. However, reading romance and sharing it with others is what I love.