Thursday, March 08, 2012

Book Review: RoNA Rose nominee Ordinary Girl in a Tiara

By the time this post is up, the RoNA Rose award winner will have been announced on Monday 5th March.  Every year the announce the six finalists I like to go over the list and make sure that I've read them all.
By coincidence I found that this book Ordinary Girl in a Tiara by Jessica Hart was one that I had purchased recently to read on my new kindle, so I started straight away.
And thank goodness I did, because this is a fabulous story.
The blurb:

Newly singled Caro Cartwright has decided that when it comes to life (and men), ordinary is good. Until her best friend, Princess Lotty, begs her to stage a diversion by masquerading as Prince Philippe of Montluce’s latest squeeze …

Playboy Philippe thinks their attempt is doomed. How can he pretend to be in love with someone like Caro, who’s so … unglamorous? Then Caro starts winning hearts left, right and centre – including his. Can Philippe convince Caro not to settle for normal – but for an extraordinary life as princess of Montluce?

Now I can be a bit funny about books featuring made-up European countries.  They always seem to be based on Monte Carlo and have antiquated laws.  But this one didn't grate on me in the least - probably because I was so caught up in the characters.
Caroline Cartwright has been unceremoniously dumped by her fiance.  She feels a bit plain, a bit frumpy and definitely unloved.  So what happens next?  She meets a prince of course!
Philippe is struggling to come to terms with the fact his brother has died in an accident and he is now heir.  He takes Caro to his country where she agrees to masquerade as his girlfriend for two months but it isn't long before sparks between to fly between them both.
Caro falls in love with his people and his country and the prince eventually realises he's fallen in love with Caro.  But as in all good stories, she's already left and he has to chase after her to tell her.

This romance novel had a real feel good factor to it.  It's all the Hallmark movies you've ever seen where the Prince/Princess falls in love with the ordinary girl/guy.  A real Cinderella story with an edge, because Jessica Hart writes characters you will fall in love with care about whether they find their happy-ever-after.

If you haven't read it then I'd advise you to give it a go.  As we say in my part of the world -
It's a cracker!


  1. I was just alerted to this on Facebook (let's hear it for social media!) so of course hurried over, and what a lovely review to find! I'm so glad you enjoyed Ordinary Girl, particularly as it was such a struggle to write. This was the book that so nearly made me hit the wall and give up writing for good, but knowing that the characters worked has made me glad I didn't!

  2. Jessica you'd never know that you struggled with this book because it just flows so well. Thank goodness you didn't give up writing!