Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writer's Workplace: Kate Hewitt

PHS gets a sneak peak into where Presents Author Kate Hewitt creates her books.

In the fourteen years I’ve been married, my husband and I have lived in a wide variety of places, from an attic flat in Cambridge, England to a wood-shingle house in suburban Connecticut to an apartment in New York City. In all these homes I’ve managed to find a corner to have as my writing space (in one house we lived in I had my computer in a small windowless closet, but still, it was mine). As our living spaces became smaller and our family grew bigger my corner was very small indeed, and sometimes it was just the kitchen table. I learned to write with children cavorting around me and a toddler on my lap, but I’ve always dreamed of the day when we’d live in a house large enough for a proper study, as Virginia Woolf put it, ‘a room of one’s own’.

Six months ago we moved to the wet and windy coast of Cumbria in northwest England,  into a two hundred year old vicarage with plenty of space. My dream was realized! Technically I don’t have a room of my own; I have half the upstairs hallway, but it’s more space than I ever had before and the views are spectacular. For the first time I have my own desk as well as space for bookshelves and a cozy chair usually occupied by my children as they wait for the computer. The only downside is the windows are old and draughty and my fingers can freeze. I’ve solved that problem for the most part with a hot water bottle on my lap that I rest my hands on periodically.

I don’t have any special trinkets or mementoes on my desk; I did have my RITA finalist flag and a pink glass paperweight my editor gave me, but both of those were played with and semi-destroyed by my toddler, and so now I keep my desk pretty clear. When I’m writing I like to have a cup of coffee, my trusty hot water bottle, and I start a work morning off with some toast as well. The only other thing I need is my imagination and a grim determination to get the words on the page!

I love my new work space, but if I’m honest I’d like it a bit warmer and a bit more private.  My computer is used by our children as well, and as they get older they want to use it quite a bit more. So I still dream, just a little bit, of a room of my own--the top floor of our house is the old servant’s quarters and is unrenovated, but maybe one day we’ll fix it up and I’ll have a proper study, complete with fireplace and view of the sea. Or maybe I’ll just be happy as I am. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter where I write, as long as the stories keep coming.

What about you? Whether you write or scrapbook or something else, do you dream of a room of your own? What would your dream room look like?

To read more about Kate Hewitt and her intense emotional romances  about visit Kate's website  Her latest release  The Lone Wolfe is available wherever good books and ebooks are sold.


  1. I have a small office for my home typing business. I am fortunate to own a huge executive desk that holds the tower, monitor, speakers, two printers, fax machine, call display, pencil sharpener, three transcription machines, and tons more, complete with drawers down both sides. I love my desk.

    I don't love the size of my house, as it is 1,050 square feet in size and small everywhere. I would love to have my own room to scrapbook, complete with high and low tables, and lots of space to spread things out. Alas, though, this can only happen when my kids move out, as the rec room is too humid for photos, so I'd need one of their bedrooms. I used to tell anyone who would listen that my son's room would become my office and my daughter's room would become my sewing room. Now that you've made me think about it, my son's room could be my scrapbooking room/guest room instead! Hmmmm. My kids are in their twenties now, so this could happen at any time. Thanks for making my wheels turn....

  2. I love Cumbria! What a beautiful part of the world to have your writing space in. My writing space is at the table or on the sofa of my small one bedroom flat. I have discovered that noise cancelling headphones can make you feel like you have a space of your own.

  3. I hear you on the remark about sharing your computer with kids. I have to do that too as my kids get older. Your house looks (and sounds/reads) lovely.

  4. There are lots of creative ways to have that room of one's own, aren't there? And sometimes I think that it can be in just your head:) thanks for sharing your writing spaces and ideas with me.

  5. Hi Kate,

    I love the view from your writing space! There's something about having a nice aspect, even if you don't get to look at it much, that lifts the spirits.