Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tales of An Unpublished Author: Is It Time Yet?

In one month, I’ve gone from ‘almost there’ to ‘why am I not there yet?’
(As you can see, patience is not one of my better traits.)

It’s been sort of a celebration time this past month. For more than three years, I’ve been part of the Seven Sassy Sisters. They’re my critique partners and they’re literally like sisters to me. I don’t always agree with them and I’m sure they don’t always agree with me. But, when they offer advice on my writing, I listen.

So, late last month, one of the Sassy Sisters, Robyn Thomas, sold her manuscript to Entangled Publishing. Before that one of my online buddies, Tina Vaughn sold her novella to Ellora’s Cave.

It’s fun to celebrate the achievements of others but then at some point you begin to question your own approach.

My question to the Sassy Sisters: Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to change what I’m doing?

It was a unanimous ‘no’ from the group with the reasoning that I was doing the right thing, I had a lot of things brewing.

You can’t predict when your time for The Call is going to happen. All you can do is have faith that at some point it will. You could have 8 different submissions out there but it might not be until that 9th submission to a publisher or agent that things really click.

The key is to not quit.

So, I guess my lesson is that this is a crazy business. Anything can happen at anytime. You just have to keep plugging away and moving forward to get there. (That means subbing on a regular basis.)

What do you think? Any thoughts?


  1. I have thoughts because I've read your writing before Abbi. DON'T QUIT. You are a good writer and I believe you'll get The Call!

  2. Great post Abbi, I agree with you entirely. Truth is you can only do so much with your writing before you have to just keep subbing and hope that you hit the right editor's desk at the right moment with the right manuscript. That's a lot of ifs, and some people are lucky to hit the bullseye quicker than others. But the good news is, all those near-misses aren't wasted.. You may well be able to dig some of them out and submit again once you're published.

  3. This is SUCH a difficult subject and I'm right there with you. :) I had this exact conversation with my CP this week. How do you know if you're really good enough and it's a matter of timing? Or is it never going to happen and heartache is the only thing you'll get out of this rollercoster? Then after you publish, there's no guarantee you'll get a second contract. It can be depressing and there are no black and white answers. But I keep going because I love writing and I love books. It's too much a part of me to quit.

    PS I think you're a good writer too. :)

  4. Great post, and I'm in the same boat. My agent said to remember, you have NO control over what they've already bought and what else has hit their desk. Like Heidi said, it's hitting the right person at the right time. And that's no easy task.'s frustrating! I share your pain.

  5. I think Kat hit the heart of my troubles on this topic. It is so hard to not to take the endless waiting as a reason to doubt whether you're going to ever be good enough - or lucky enough - to get the right project into the right hands.

  6. First, I wanted to say I have no intention of quitting. I have beaten too many roadblocks already in life to think I can't get through this one.

    I just want people who read this blog to know they're not alone in their feelings.

  7. Thanks, Scarlet! I see one of your books is heading to the US in a couple of months. Looking forward to reading it!

  8. You are one wise lady, Heidi. I'm already looking at something I abandoned some time ago, thinking of ways I can make it better in the future. :-)

  9. You're right, Kat. The thing about writing is that it's taught me a lot about myself as well. It's a growth/journey IMHO.

    Hey, I adore the last story of yours. Fingers crossed!

  10. Hi, Joanna! I'm so glad I wrote something you could relate to. And we know we're not crazy, right? ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. You're right, Julia. And thanks for sharing. I'd hope we'll get the call around the same time so we can celebrate together.

    Abbi :-)

  12. Your day will come. Just have faith. Don't give up whatever you do!