Thursday, February 09, 2012

Setting the Scene: Susan Stephens New Polo Player Miniseries --Acosta

Harlequin Presents Author Susan Stephens visits to give a behind the scenes look at the inspiration for her fab new miniseries The Acostas!

It all started with a Hen night

From that one fabulous day came the idea for one book

But then my hawk-eyed editor noted that my hero, Nero Caracas, played polo against a band of ruthless Argentinians. What about their stories? And don't they have a sister?

And so one book became six, with the stories of Ruiz, Diego, Nacho, Kruz, and their sister, wild-child, Lucia, joining the fray.

I didn't have to look far for inspiration as polo attracts some of the hottest men around...

As I got further into the writing and found myself with three books on the shelves and three more to come, I knew it was time to devote a whole section of my web site to the Acosta family and the game they love.

If you go to my Home Page at and click the logo you can see at the top of this page you will enter the world of the Acostas to see what this high-octane family is getting up to.

* More info will be posted on these pages each month.

I don't think I have ever been so excited by a series - especially one that grew like Topsy without giving me notice first! And if you enjoy meeting the Acostas even a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing about them, you'll have a blast.

I'm off to tussle with Nacho Acosta now - Nacho is the oldest and arguably the most ruthless of the brothers, so I have given him a blind heroine, the lovely, self-willed, Grace.

After Nacho and Grace's story I will be delving into the lives of Kruz - the youngest and coolest of the brothers - and Lisbet, my quirky, penniless princess. I have to warn you that Lisbet is not like any princess I have ever encountered before! Tiaras? They're not exactly Lisbet's style.

*Wild-child Lucia Acosta and her delicious hunky American polo-playing hero Luke, along with ruthless Nacho Acosta and his stand-up heroine Grace will be on the shelves late 2012.

Kruz Acosta and his 'more trouble than any man needs heroine, Lisbet will be an early 2013 release. *

I'll post all the info regarding the new books, as well as what to expect each month on the polo pages, in my Writing Diary at

(Where you can also find the spookily accurate Xandra King horoscopes - Just look for XANDRA's link on my Home Page)

Happy, reading everyone!

With my very best to all,


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