Saturday, January 28, 2012

Writer's Workspace: Beth Cornelison

PHS visits Romantic Suspense author Beth Cornelison and gets a sneak peek into where she creates her books!

Hi everyone!

            Thanks for letting me share my workspace with you all. As you can see in the photo, my desk and surrounding space is a bit cluttered. But then, what writer isn't a little messy? I mean, isn't clutter a prerequisite for creative people?  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...that and I'm on a short deadline!

            You'll notice that my screensaver and several of the knick-knacks around my computer are Snoopy. Snoopy is my muse, a fact on which I've blogged previously.  You may also notice the fuzzy cutie-pie in my chair. That's Zeke. He's a mama's boy and will always hang out close by while I write. As I write this, he's napping on the window perch next to my desk, exhausted from his rigorous photo shoot.

            The gold and black fleur de lis painting in the background is something I picked up at a writer's conference fund-raising auction for almost nothing.  It says Louisiana to me. Our state's French heritage, Cajun culture...and of course Saints football!

            The big black chair was an indulgence. Or maybe a necessity.  As many hours as I spend in that chair, it needed to be comfortable and have good back support.

            The calendar in front of my keyboard keeps me organized and keeps my life on track. It is Cornelison family central, where I log deadlines, doctor appointments, reminders, to do items, and daily word counts.  I would be lost without my calendar!

            My workspace is one corner of the guest bedroom, which includes my husband's closet. (I hog all of the master bedroom closet.)

            So...nothing earthshaking here.  I dream of the day I can have a whole room for my office where I can spread out. I'll have whole walls that are full of my keeper novels by my favorite authors, research books and a chronological supply of all my backlist books. It's a beautiful dream that smells like a freshly printed manuscript and sounds like the clickety click of a keyboard going ninety to nothing!

            What am I currently working on in this office space?  I'm putting the finishing touches on my contribution to a new Harlequin Romantic Suspense continuity about the Coltons of Eden Falls. This has been a fun story to write with a Hollywood starlet with toddler twins as the heroine and a traumatized war veteran as the hero. I'm also working on edits of SOLDIER'S PREGNANCY PROTOCOL, Book 1 in my upcoming Black Ops Rescues series. When school teacher Erin Bauer gets entangled in the danger surrounding his search for his missing black ops partner, Alec Kincaid makes it his personal mission to keep Erin and her unborn child safe from the men hunting them. Look for SOLDIER'S PREGNANCY PROTOCOL starting in May and on shelves in early June 2012. Book 2, THE REUNION MISSION, will be out in August.

Happy reading!

Beth Cornelison

Rita Award finalist Beth Cornelison made her first sale to Silhouette Intimate Moments in June 2004 and has gone on to publish many more books with Harlequin/Silhouette as well as other publishers. Cornelison has presented writing workshops across the United States, and she currently lives in Louisiana with her husband and son. To learn more about Beth's books visit 


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