Friday, January 27, 2012

On Write Support: Donna's Monthly Check-Up!

It's PHS columnist Donna Alward's first ON WRITE SUPPORT COLUMN of the year! A year in the life of a romance writer struggling for balance (joining columnist Mira Lyn Kelly with that one!) with a few triumphs and victories and probably a few fall on the face moments as well... here she is with January's report: the month of resolutions and renewed goals.

January's Symptoms: Well, doc, after the first few days of January I managed to clear the house of kids and husband and got back to work after a few weeks off. Glad I had the break because a Feb 6 deadline was coming up and I have a lot of writing plans for 2012 that mean no falling behind. I must have been full of energy and creativity, because I finished and handed the book in 3 weeks early.

I also ended up getting another opportunity to write a short story for a digital antho coming up soon, which I couldn't have done without having the first project finished, so hooray! Progress on that story ongoing with a send-in date of first week of February (ack!).

Managed to read more than expected - the resolution to read whatever I damn well want is working out great! I have plans to do a January reading sum-up on my personal blog first week of February. So far I've read Unveiled by Courtney Milan, Letters From Home by Kristina McMorris, Igniting The Third Factor by David Jensen, The Birth House by Ami McKay, and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Diet and exercise could have been better (sheepish grin). I worked out most days by doing Ten Minute Trainer with the husband (we do 2 segments, so with warm up etc works out to 24 min). Food wise I had better intentions than execution. Need to be better and it'll take tweaks, not an overhaul. Have joined 2 week kickstart group to whip me into shape. Hope to have better report next month as I have put on holiday weight. Also the 24 min is not enough. I think I need P90X. A friend is also going to lend me TurboJam to try.

Doc's Diagnosis: Not a bad start to the year, missus! Work-wise you're on point, but what is up with the chocolate cake? I know you had it. Tweaks indeed. I bet you told yourself one piece won't hurt, right? Not One Piece a Day, young lady! You're borderline Expanding Butt Syndrome, and I know you don't want that after last year's hard work.

Prescription: Just say no to cake and starch. And get off your bottom and get moving more! You know what works, so get your head right and get at it. No excuses.

Gee, thanks Doc. I think. I'll try to do better. *shuffles out*

Donna's next book is the UK release of HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART - head back to Larch Valley and see what happens when breast cancer survivor Megan Briggs goes head to head with sexy cowboy Clay Gregory! You can can find it on and catch up with Donna at her site at


  1. One of my new year resolutions was to get through my TBR books. Both print and electronic. I'm always going through at least two books at a time, one print and one electronic. I've got through several ebooks but my print books are going a little slower owing to so much activity in my life. My husband thinks that reading in bed is the height of decadence and always wants me to switch off the light so he can sleep. I'll have to do what one of my kids does and use a torch in bed!