Monday, January 02, 2012

Male on Monday: Polo Players

Harlequin Presents Susan Stephens explains why polo players always set her pulse racing.

Tan, buff and cover boy pretty - or dangerously different with a knowing look in the eyes? Well, I know which I prefer, ladies. Things rarely stop me dead in my tracks - a handbag did that once - I couldn't sleep until I went back to the shop and bought it. It was the wrong colour - the wrong shape - and DEFINITELY the wrong price - but it was MINE MINE MINE and I went straight back into town the next day and handed over my money with what could only have been a slight mad gleam in my eyes.

So it was with my humble submission of a red hot polo player for the Male on Monday slot.
Already with Nacho Figueras in my mind as I began writing my polo series, this man knocked everyone else out of the picture for me. I'm not a fan of dreads - or particularly a fan of men who look as if they could crush a rock in their fist (they scare me aaaargh!) (only joking) But yes, I'm more than happy to make an exception in this case. Plus the photo raises so many questions...

Who tied that little ribbon on the pony's bridle? I'm guessing not the hunk sitting on its back that light to fire in his eyes? The man's eyes, not the pony's. And how big is he exactly??? (Wouldn't it be disappointing if he dismounted and only came up to my shoulder) But enough of that! I based my latest polo player, an American called Luke Forster, known as The Enforcer, on the polo circuit on this man, so he'd better be six foot four tall (we can see the shoulders wide enough to hoist an ox and we can guess what's in the breeches)

And if you want some more polo playing action I have my four polo playing brothers coming out in 2012 - and I promise you, none of them will disappoint in the Male on Monday departments. Diego Acosta in The Argentinian's Solace Luke who gets it together with the boys' sister, Lucia Acosta Nacho Acosta, the oldest brother and finally, Kruz Acosta, the baddest polo playing thug of the lot And if you want something to ease you into the New Year, I have Working With The Enemy coming out in the US in January with my bare knuckle fighter, Heath Stamp.

What is it with these tough guys, Susan?

Heck if I know, but let's have some fun! Happy Monday, everyone.

You can read more about Susan Stephens and her inspiring polo players on her website. Be sure to look out for her latest Working with the Enemy.

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  1. POLO? Now that's a sport I haven't watched a lot of and I like your Male on Monday pick. I like the idea of a polo playing family. You have to have money to play that game as least as far as I know.
    Have to have a bit of courage to be riding down the field at full speed as well. You have caught my interest.