Friday, January 13, 2012

Fill The Well Friday :: The Fun Plan

As The Pink Heart Society looked toward a new year, editor Michelle Styles thought to set aside her Fill The Well column. Jenna Bayley-Burke picked it right up, deciding she wanted a turn. Be sure to check back the second Friday of each month to see what she's done to Fill The Well.

I made a list. There is something so exciting about putting down a plan, especially when you're thinking about having fun and not what to pick up at the grocery store. I had a bit of a health scare at the end of last year, so this year I'm going to do all those things that wind up in the 'someday' file.

I'm talking things I can do, if only I make the time. As much as I'd love to say that this year I'll see Paris, Anguilla and the Northern Lights, those aren't in my budget - with time or money or ability to bribe babysitters.

I'm thinking more in terms of going to a comedy club for the first time, getting a henna tatoo, riding in a hot air balloon. I'm going to have to work hard to top last year's thrills -- zip-lining, rafting, kayaking, Las Vegas, New York, pole dancing, the Highland games & a makeover.

Having adventures, big and small, is a wonderful way to refresh the creative spirit flowing through us. I'm of the mindset that most any experience will eventually resonate with my art - whether that be cooking, crafting, photography, or writing. And so it is important to have as many positive experiences as possible to keep my well from going dry.

What did I do this month, besides make my list? I got a massage for the first time ever. It was at my health club, so wasn't as quiet and relaxing as I'd hoped (I could hear the men's locker room). I liked having to focus on myself for the entire time, even when my mind wanted to wander to dinner prep and character maneuverings. I found it strange to have a stranger's hands on me, but not in a creepy or sexual way. It was just, odd.

As much as I tried to focus on relaxing and the muscle groups being soothed...I came up with a great plot idea for a follow-up to the story I am working on. Who knows...maybe I'll wind up with a masseuse story. Wait, would that make my massage a write-off?

Check in with Jenna Bayley-Burke the second Friday of each month to see what she's doing to Fill The Well. Keep an eye out for Jenna's next release, For Kicks, available January 24th.
"This was very entertaining read with an uber hot ex-athlete with an inventive use of chocolate. This is a great book to spend a cold afternoon absorbed in." - Night Owl Reviews


  1. I recommend trying out the henna tattoos. In India where I live, lots of people get their hands tattooed for weddings and festivals.

    But if you're thinking of getting your hands tattooed, beware! You'll not be able to move for hours and it will be AGONY! Make sure you have all your cooking and housework done and for heaven's sake go to the bathroom first! You see, the slightest smudge and your tattoo will be ruined!

    There was a wonderful chocolate commercial on TV here some years ago about a young bride to be who was sitting patiently with the henna on her hands. Then she spotted a bar of chocolate in the room. The whole commercial was comical as the young girl tried to open the bar with her teeth. It was a situation which many women here could relate to. I don't know if it boosted chocolate sales, but the little movie was a masterpiece.

  2. I'm thinking of doing a henna ankle tatoo this summer. :) I like body art...but pain is NOT my thing!