Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wildcard Weekend - So Long, Farewell...

Brigid Coady bids the Pink Heart Society a fond farewell

I hate goodbyes. I hate the thought of anyone leaving. I'm choked up and angry. I even get really stroppy with the person going and as a result they can't wait to see the back of me. Those calm and stoic types that tell their lovers they are leaving unless they straighten up are an anathema to me. Yeah, so pretty much I'm saying, saying goodbye sucks.

But that is what I'm doing today. After *does quick mental calculation* four years as a columnist (blogmist) at the Pink Heart Society I am hanging up my keyboard. I have had a blast here for all that time. I started off writing a monthly column about my journey to be published as a Harlequin Mills & Boon author. What a rollercoaster that was! Sadly it was not to be but I learnt a lot. I also had such great support from people on here to keep me going.

Things moved on. I spent a long time trying to work out what I should be writing. Lots of heartache and brainache. And now I think I know what it is. I want to write YA Fantasy. In fact that is what I am writing and have quite a bit of interest. But the problem, as always, is time. I have an almost revised manuscript, a killer day job and other stories bashing against my door. Something has to give.

So here we are. For me it is the end of an era. I'll miss my monthly missives but I will still be hanging around like that annoying relative who doesn't know when to leave. And maybe, if the stars align and pigs fly, I'll be back with my first call story.

So farewell Pink Hearters. I've had a blast. Thanks!

Brigid Coady has left the building...


  1. Oh Biddy, I feel like bursting into that cheesy song from the Sound of Music.. So long, farewell, Alvedersen...

    But no, I'll spare you that agony!! And anyway, I'm sure we'll be welcoming you back soon with your call story now you've cracked the 'where does my writing fit' riddle. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Marilyn!

    Heidi - I had that song in my head when writing the post :-)

  3. Best wishes for the future Coady! Caroline x

  4. Hi Brigid ~ Enjoy what you are writing. Best wishes to you.