Friday, December 23, 2011

Must Watch Friday: The Sound of Music

PHS Editor Donna Alward waxes nostalgic about Christmases past this Friday, with memories of The Sound Of Music.

When I was a kid, the CBC played The Sound of Music every Christmas. It was usually on a Sunday afternoon, and because of commercials it took the WHOLE afternoon to watch it. It was something I watched with my mother, because we both loved the music, Julie Andrews, Georg, and the little finger that got caught in Frederick's teeth.

This was the late 70's - were VCR's even around then? If not then shortly after they hit the market with the question: Beta or VHS? We bought a VHS and we bought the video. Then we didn't have to worry about commercials or the fact that it was only on tv once a year (especially as we only had 2 channels).

When I moved away from home, The Sound of Music went with me. I don't know if I got Mom's copy or if she bought me my own, but the love of it is hereditary because when my first daughter was a baby she adored it. She would play it over and over again. If she were having a terrible two day, in would go Maria and the nuns and she would park herself on the floor in blissful happiness. Then tragedy struck.

Spring cleaning is almost never a good idea but this particular day it was really not good. I had a scrub bucket of water and being eager to help clean, my eldest held out the tape and it slid out of the cardboard sleeve and plop! Right in my scrub bucket of Mr. Clean water.

By this time dvd's were on the scene, so we replaced it with a dvd. And we still watch it every Christmas, usually with hot cocoa and fresh cookies and a fire in the fireplace.

We sing along, because we can. It drives the husband crazy. We begin with How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria and our favourite line is throwing the whirling dervish out of whirl. There's I Have Confidence and Sixteen Going on Seventeen and Do Re Mi of course. And there are the quieter songs - My Favourite Things and Edelweiss and Must've Done Something Good are all songs I sang softly to my babies as I rocked them at night.

And other than the music, there is the plot. Goodness me! A nanny and a Captain! Romance central! Throw in seven children, the church, the Nazis and young love and oh my! And don't forget Max and the Baroness, the schemers. And Rolph - that heartbreaker and betrayer.

We never really get tired of watching it, and it's one of those traditions that I hope we'll carry on for many years to come. Maybe when they've flown the nest, they'll come back and have a Sound of Music afternoon with their old mom.

I might even make cocoa.

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  1. Do a deer a female deer. These are some of my favorite things.

    We have been to Stowe Vermont and have seen the Trapp Family home there.

    I think I'll have to put this movie on my wish list for next year.

    Merry Christmas Donna.

  2. We just watched it last weekend! And guess what? The Husband watched it with us! I suggested he was hard up for something to do and he said he wanted to spend some time with his girls - so all 4 of us were curled up on the couch. It was so nice!

  3. The Sound of Music is on my all-time favorites list, too, Donna. I saw the movie as a little girl when it first came out in the theater and I was transfixed. I now have it on DVD. I've done the play twice (once as Maria, even!) and I usually watch it when it comes on tv. The music, the characters, the scenery, the romance, the story--it just makes he happy to see it.

    Merry Christmas!