Monday, December 19, 2011

Male on Monday: Antonio Banderas by Kate Hardy

I’m going to copy Anne McAllister’s stance from last week and choose to repeat my all-time favourite Male on Monday (obviously with the exception of my husband). Those of you who know me well will be rolling your eyes, but hey – it’s a Christmas treat, and if I get my way I will be hearing him in the cinema this week.

Hearing? Yup – Puss in Boots. I’m trying to sell it to my eldest as good to dissect from an animation point of view, and to my youngest as a way of making her mum very, very happy.

Antonio was on the Graham Norton show in the UK recently with Salma Hayek to publicise the film, and I fell in love with him all over again. Why? His sense of humour. His smile. His warmth. The way he didn’t mind getting up and giving a quick fencing lesson. And the way he included everyone else on the show instead of being egotistical and expecting all the attention to be on him.

Wait. I might be describing the kind of hero I write :)

So. Just to remind you of why he’s been my heartthrob for more than 15 years (I remember seeing Evita at the cinema when I was pregnant, and clearly the baby picked up that his mum was a bit excited because he kicked like mad every time Antonio was on the screen), I give you…

The Mambo Kings. (When he could barely speak a word of English. Yup. Gorgeous.)

Desperado. (The fact he plays the guitar in this, and the long hair, and… sigh…)
Zorro. (The fencing. Oh to be Catherine Zeta Jones.)

Take the Lead (now, as the book I’m going to start writing in January involves ballroom dancing, this film - or to be precise the tango scene - will really help. I loved the character he played and the way he gave people hope and really changed their lives).

I could go on. Spy Kids, My Spy, Philadelphia (it’s the scene where he kisses Tom Hanks’ hands in hospital – stunning emotional portrayal), Interview with a Vampire…

Sigh. Antonio is the epitome of Male on Monday. Just gorgeous. Happy Christmas!

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  1. Happy Holidays Kate. enjoy Puss in Boots as i'm sure you'll get to see it.

  2. One word... Yummy!! Not at all miffed here that you claimed Senor Banderas first... Not at all... No.. Really... Not at all... *goes off to sulk*