Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pink Heart Picks: Tempted By Trouble

This month PHS editor Donna Alward goes for a touch of whimsy with Liz Fielding's delicious book, TEMPTED BY TROUBLE....

A long while back Kate Hardy wrote a blog post referencing Mr. Whippy. I had no idea what a Mr. Whippy was, but then, with some education I soon was dreaming about creamy ice cream by the sea. When Liz told me she was writing a book with an ice cream van, I thought how typically Liz.  Liz does such a brilliant job of adding a touch of whimsy to her books, and a heroine in charge of an ice cream van named Rosie sounded just perfect.

I'll confess I had moments of confusion at the beginning of the book - there is a rather lot of characters, a missing great uncle, and a family secret. But once I got into it....and especially once we figure out Uncle Basil's part of the story, it all clicks together.

Sean is sexy and far more stable and dependable than he perhaps thinks he is. He's also capable of more (emotionally) than he believes himself to be. Elle is perenially optimistic, but she's also tired...tired of holding the family together for the past several years. At some point she was bound to break and there's a scene with her sisters that I loved. For once Elle valued herself and what she'd given - and given up - for her family and all she wants is a little help.

There are some lovely scenes with Sean (he's really quite swoonworthy) but I have to admit my favourite scene is with Sean and Elle's sisters, Sorrel and Geli and the dog Mabel. It's a turning point for Sean, and it's the kind of scene that really, in a very short space, says so very much about the characters.

I really hope Liz writes both Sorrel's story AND Geli's - they're fab characters all on their own, each very individual and deserving of a HEA.

Whimsical and romantic - yep, that just about sums it up. And I loved the ending - Rosie at a wedding and the story of the chocolate flake, and then Sean's "birthday" at the very end...

I just feel bad that we didn't get to see the chocolate sauce..... ;-)

December's read is the very last Pink Heart Picks read for me, and I've gone to the towering TBR and pulled out....HOTLY BEDDED, CONVENIENTLY WEDDED by Kate Hardy. It sounds like just the ticket for a cold December night!

Come back on December 29 for the review. :-)


  1. Hi Donna ~ I must skim though the book again as I read it when it first came out back in May. I know I chuckled a lot as I read it but Liz can usually do that to me.

    I think I've read this Kate Hardy book but will have to double check it.

    I gather you are doing away with the book review part of this blog. I'll miss it.

  2. Hi Donna, I have to say I read this book recently and had a hard time putting it down. It's such a feel good read! I smiled and was charmed right from the beginning. Liz has a wonderfully deft touch with romance - sweet and appealing and so very satisfying.

  3. I adore Liz Fielding's books - she could write a shopping list and make it moving, funny, heartfelt and impossible to put down. I read this book when it was released and I couldn't put it down.

    I also love Kate Hardy - I'm reading her latest one at the moment and, as always, it's brilliant!

  4. Hey Kaelee - I'm not sure if there's going to be a dedicated book review column next year but I'm going to be doing something new and fun each month. I'm excited about it.