Friday, November 25, 2011

Must Watch Friday :: 12 Men of Christmas

Tis the season for Lifetime Holiday Movies! There is nothing better on a bustery winter day than cuddling on the couch with a good romance. Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke pulled her nose of of a romance novel just long enough to find one on TV!

I think Kristin Chenoweth is adorable. She always makes me smile. When I saw she was in a Lifetime channel movie...I decided to take the night off (I write at night). My evening got even better when I fund out the movie is based on a Phillipa Ashley romance novel!

I am a sucker for a sweet holiday romance, and this was perfect. A New York PR maven finds out her boss is sleeping with her fiance and her life implodes - no fiance, job, apartment...and her boss is blacklisting her. When she can't get work, she opts for a job trying to recruit corporate retreats to Montana.

The cast of characters in Montana was rich and vibrant...and hilarious. I liked them more and EJ grew to like them as well. And when she sees Will coming out of the pool? Swoon!

EJ and Will rub each other wrong, especially when she decides to organize a calendar to raise the profile of the town, and raise money for the local rescue squad. Will is against it, even as all of his friends and fellow squad members agree.

Of course they wind up together, and she winds up getting her job back in New York. And eventually it all works out. We know that. Watching it unfold is the enjoyable part.

The dozen shirtless men posing for the calendar, that's purely there for plot ;) There is no ulterior motive to seeing Jessie Pavelka or Josh Hopkins without their shirts.

Jenna's racing to finish NaNoWriMo, which she planned on having done before Thanksgiving. Oops. Be sure to check out her latest release. Private Scandal is ripe with secrets, sass, and sensational sex. Jenna's ode to retail, For Kicks, will be out in just a few weeks to help everyone through their post holiday shopping haze. Keep up with Jenna's spin on things on her website & blog.


  1. I loved this movie and Kristin is great!

  2. So looking forward to seeing this movie!

  3. Hi Jenna - thanks for watching and featuring 12 Men on the PHS! The book is called Dating Mr December in the USA and Decent Exposure in the UK and have I mentioned I visited the set? Have I happened to mention that I watched the scene where Jessie Pavelka takes off his shirt in the locker room? That took about 6 takes... Hope you are all having a fantastic Thanksgiving. :)

  4. Everyone who loves romance novels should see this movie :) And P, I'm so glad you got to be on set for the good parts! :D

  5. Yeah I had enjoyed watching this movie with my girlfriend. Even all lifetime movies are my favorite and I had watched all these movies on first day and first show!