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Aimee Carson takes a few minutes from her wild schedule of medicine, mothering, and morning writing to step into the author spotlight... and she's got a giveaway too!

Bio: Aimee Carson leads a double life. One week a month she’s a pediatrician in an Alaskan bush hospital and the rest she’s a South Dakotan, homeschooling mom. But she spends the wee hours of every morning crafting stories for Harlequin Mills & Boon Riva and Harlequin Presents Extra. She also blogs with three other writers about the wacky world of being a mother.

Aimee, can you us a little about your latest story? What inspired it?
How to Win the Dating War was inspired by a magazine article about social networking, one on charity fundraising, and a third about a NASCAR driver. The three ended up in a random folder together and . . . voilĂ !

Lol, I love it when things come together like that, but talk about an unsuspecting trio! Let's have look at the blurb to see how you did it...

In the men’s corner . . .
Cutter Thompson – Miami’s hottest ex-racing car driver – believes that action always speak louder than words. Participating in a celebrity dating competition, where his every text is analyzed to death, is his worst nightmare!
Flying the flag for the girls . . .
Divorcee Jessica Wilson has built her life – and her dating service! – on the premise that communication is the key to happiness. Cutter might not think he needs her help to flirt successfully, but her professional radar says otherwise . . .
But this battle of the sexes gets complicated by an intense, sizzling attraction! Will it be game, set, and…match made in heaven?

Wow, sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to get a look at this one when it comes out in NA next year. And for the readers who are with me on that, Aimee is giving away a copy of HOW TO WIN THE DATING WAR to one lucky commenter (US only) so be sure to say hi and check the comments tomorrow for a Aimee's winner.
For our UK readers, you can find HOW TO WIN THE DATING WAR on Mills & Boon at:

When the writing is done, how do you kick back to relax?
A glass of red wine, a handful of Ghirardelli chocolate chips, and either a good book or watching a movie—preferably a romantic comedy or an action film with a good-looking leading man. A combination of both is sublime.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
After my husband and I moved our family from Alaska to Seattle, Washington, we took a 3 month camping trip around the United States, homeschooling the kids along the way. Needless to say, Mom and Dad learned a lot!

What are your thoughts on social networking? Do you get your chatty on…or are you more about necessary updates?
On twitter, I’m definitely chatty. I love the ease and the instant connection. For those of us that have acquired ADD from our children, the 140 character limit is a blessing.

Are any of your heroes (physically) inspired from actors? If so who?

My hero in How to Win the Dating War was inspired by Carl Edwards, a NASCAR driver. For the heroine, I needed someone who was both sexy and sweet, and the moment I ran across a picture of Audry Tautou, the French actress, I knew exactly what my heroine looked like. You can find inspiring pictures of Carl Edwards here:, and some lovely ones of Audrey Tautou here: .

Was there a defining moment when you decided to pursue writing as a career?
No. But there was a defining moment when I realized I couldn’t stop writing, no matter what.

Plot or Pants?

What appeals to you most about writing Category? What drew you to your current line?
Like everyone else, I write what I want to read. I especially like a book I can devour in one sitting—but don’t skimp on the story! Give me a contemporary storyline with plenty of flirty banter, humor, and a compelling emotional conflict. And don’t forget to deliver it with sizzling sensuality and really hot sex scenes.

When pursuing that first sale, what line did you target?

Medicals, because somebody told me I should. But I started writing to escape the day job, which didn’t work out so well when I had to write about it.

What’s the best piece of advice you have to offer to an aspiring author?
Practice persistence and patience, because you’ll need both before and after you’re published.

Aimee thank you so much for taking time out of your amazing schedule to share a little more about yourself with us!

For more of Aimee Carson, you can find her at and Facebook: or on twitter as @aimeecarsonmb.


  1. Great interview, Aimee. Can't wait to download and read How to Win the Dating War!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lucy!

    In the interest of fostering global harmony :) ALL comments, regardless of nationality, will be thrown into the hat to win a copy of my book.

  3. Great interview...can't wait to read about Cutter - he already sounds dreamy. ;)

  4. Great interview Aimee (how do you find the time?!), can't wait to read 'How to Win the Dating War', as I really loved 'Secret History of a Good Girl'. I'm with you on the red wine, choc chips and film with a sexy leading man :-)

  5. Kristina - Cutter was a blast to write! Thanks for popping by to say hello!

  6. Susie!! Good to see you again! And thanks for your kind words about Secret history of a Good Girl! So pleased you stopped by to say hello!

  7. Oh my gosh - red wine and Ghirardelli chocolate chips (dark only) are my favorite!! How to Win the Dating War sounds awesome and I hope I win it. :)

  8. Heck yeah! Dark chocolate only, Kat! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Okay I'm hooked. I love the pictures of Carl and Audrey. I hope this is going to come out in NA as well. I have to wait until February 2012 for Secret History of a Good Girl.

    It sounds like you are another one of those people who get a lot of things done. I so admire that trait mostly because I don't have it.

  10. Hi Aimee!
    I didn't know you'd targeted medicals! You write such a terrific Riva/Modern, I think it's fitting you wound up there.

    I like writing category because the 50,000 word count works for me. And I agree totally that I enjoy a book I can read in one sitting - especially one that doestn't skimp on the story!

    Congrats on both your releases! And for How to Win the Dating War moving up to #7 on the Mills and Boon Top 10 Bestsellers List!

  11. Kaelee- LOL. I have a hubby that helps me out like you wouldn't believe! All credit goes to him!!!!

    How to Win the Dating War will be released in the US in the latter part of next year. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. Wendy! Yep, though the two medicals I wrote were early on in my writing career and I suspect my writing left *ahem* much to be desired :)

    LOL. Thanks for keeping me posted about the list!

  13. You must know my feelings on social networking. Twitter is the best thing ever. I have met the most fascinating people. I joke around, I learn new things, meet new people. It seriously is wonderful.

    I've been enjoying watching your book climb up the M&B top ten list!

  14. Thank you, Julia!'s not just me checking the top ten list!

  15. Okay, I put the names into a hat (actually it was a bowl :) and pulled out TWO instead of one. So, Julia and Kaelee, email me at with your addresses and I will get How to Win the Dating War in the mail to you both!

  16. Congratulations to Julia and Kaelee! Ladies, you have a mersmerizing, sizzling story coming your way!

    Congratulations Aimme on the release of HOW TO WIN THE DATING WAR!