Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Love Inspired author Lyn Cote joins the Pink Heart Society to share a few tips from J Johnston's RWA workshop... and offer a chance to win BUILDING A FAMILY

Today I want to share a list I took down in notes from a Romance Writer's of America National Conference workshop by J Johnston. She gave her list of the best ways to keep a reader reading pages. Here is her list of Eight "hooks" for scene and chapter endings

1-asking the reader a question
2-creating a crisis, threat or unsolvable problem
3-anticipating a clash-verbal or physical between characters
4-riveting action or unusual or compelling behavior of a character
5-anticipating what will happen when a secret is revealed
6-setting up a conflict or beginning one
7-forecasting disaster unless --------?
8-setting an ultimatum or a deadline for a decision

I think this is an excellent list. How about some examples?

Here are a few examples from my latest Love Inspired, Building a Family. Why don't you see if you can identify which # in the list each of the examples demonstrates and I'll be giving away a copy of this book to one commenter. (BTW, hero=Pete Beck, his little girl=Cassie, heroine=Eleanor, and Pete's ex=Suzann)

Example 1
"A shrill scream shattered the peace. Pete swung around, his heart lodged in his throat. He recognized that voice. Cassie! Where was she? Why had she screamed?"

Example 2
"Eleanor lifted her chin, ready to deal with Mr. Beck's disapproval. Then she saw his face, and her sympathy flowed toward him. He looked worried, upset."

Example 3
"Pete had expected to be able to fall asleep easily, but he couldn't turn his mind off. Images of Eleanor flitted through his thoughts. Finally, he gave up and went downstairs for a glass of milk.
The phone rang.
He glanced at the clock. Nearly eleven p.m. An emergency? He warily lifted the receiver off the wall. "Hello, this is the Beck house."
Then he heard a voice had hadn't heard for over three years. 'Pete, it's me. Suzann.'"

So have some fun deciding which hooks I gave as examples. And if you have a great end of scene or chapter hook you'd like to share, FEEL FREE!

Blurb of Building a Family, final book in the New Friends Street series-Where love and dreams find a home

Lawyer Eleanor Washburn defends wayward teenagers and supervises volunteers for Habitat for Humanity without missing a beat. But she is unnerved by fascinating single dad Pete Beck—especially since his chaotic life includes a little girl wishing for a mother. Sweet Cassie has Eleanor yearning for what's been missing from her lonely existence. Soon, both dad and daughter are chipping away at Eleanor's defenses. Can she find the courage to risk losing her heart to this ready-made family?


  1. I'm not sure, but here goes my best guesses:

    Example 1: Asking the reader a question
    Example 2: Unusual or compelling behavior of a character.
    Example 3: Setting up a conflict or beginning one.

    And I just wanted to let you know, one of your books got me started reading Love Inspired, I'm unsure of the title, but I believe it involved a garden shop/nursery. I loved it.

  2. Summer, That was Hope's Garden--one of my faves too!