Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Writer's Wednesday: Lisa Jordan's Call Story plus scavenger hunt

Debut Love Inspired Author Lisa Jordan shares Her Call Story and gives details of the scavenger hunt she is running.
I love books—the scent of the paper, the texture of the embossed names, the beautiful covers. Reading provides an escape.

Being a lifelong reader, my romance with the written word blossomed, at the tender age of 16, into a dream of being a writer. That dream burrowed deep within my soul, gripped my heart, and refused to let go. I wanted to create that same heart-sighing feeling of hope and happily ever after in readers.
Over a decade ago, I realized I needed to get serious about becoming a published author. I started a novel about a woman who broke off her engagement to her police officer fiancé after her father was killed in the line of duty.

I toiled over that novel, breaking every writing rule new writers aren't supposed to break. I shelved the book several times and started something new, but those characters continued to stay with me. They weren't willing to be shelved. The story title changed several times as I tweaked the plot, deepened the characters, and shelved it again to start something new.

I shared with several critique groups through the years and used their feedback to make it as good as I could. But there still seemed to be something missing.

I brainstormed with my mentors—award-winning authors Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck of My Book Therapy—and ended up with a strong story spine.
I entered the story in ACFW’s Genesis contest in 2009, hoping for solid feedback. Imagine my shock when Jim Rubart called to let me know my entry had finaled. I cried in his ear. At the ACFW banquet, my entry was runner up in the contemporary romance category.
At that same conference, I had pitched the manuscript to Love Inspired editor Tina James and WordServe Literary agent Rachelle Gardner. Both requested the full manuscript, but Rachelle asked me to send it to her first. After another round of revisions, I submitted the requested full manuscript to Rachelle in March 2010.

A week later, I received an email from Rachelle offering representation. Even after I spoke with her on the phone for almost an hour, I still floated in "pinch me" world. She submitted it to Tina James in April, but the pesky manuscript disappeared into cyberspace. Unfortunately, we didn't realize this until speaking with Tina at the 2010 ACFW conference. Rachelle re-submitted it in October, so I waited again.
On January 7, 2010, Rachelle called and said, "Lisa, today is your day!" I cried. I sobbed. My poor husband thought something terrible had happened. I finally managed to squeak out, "My book sold."

Love Inspired editor Melissa Endlich had an opening in her schedule, so Tina gave her my manuscript on that Monday. She read it Tuesday and Wednesday, wanted to buy it on Thursday, and Rachelle called me on Friday with a book offer.

Lakeside Reunion is now available on Amazon, and it will be available on bookstore shelves in November. I just signed the contract for Lakeside Family, which makes me an official multi-published author.
What about you? Are you still holding onto the dream of becoming a published author? If so, what keeps you holding on? If you’ve achieved your dream of becoming published, do you still feel that inner passion to follow your writing dream?
I’m holding a scavenger hunt and lakeside photo contest to promote my Lakeside Reunion release. Visit my Lakeside Reunion Contest page for more information.

The token for this blog is raindrops.

Bio: Heart, home and faith have always been important to Lisa Jordan, so writing stories that feature both comes naturally to her. She has been writing contemporary Christian romance for more than a decade. Her debut novel, Lakeside Reunion, will be released in November by Love Inspired. Her second novel, Lakeside Family, will be released in August 2012 by Love Inspired. Happily married for over twenty years, Lisa and her husband have two young adult sons. When she isn’t writing or caring for children in her in-home childcare business, Lisa enjoys family time, romantic comedies, good books, crafting with friends and feeding her NCIS addiction. Visit her at to learn more about her writing.

Back cover copy: Bed-and-breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won’t run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake. Five years ago, the cop jilted her to marry another woman, and Lindsey fled town. But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight. Despite the past, he’s still able to stir up Lindsey’s old feelings for him. Now a widower and single dad, Stephen recognizes a second chance when he sees one. And he’ll do anything to make Lindsey trust in God and take a risk for love—again. Read an excerpt of Lakeside Reunion.


  1. Lisa,
    Congratulations on your sale! How wonderful to have your first book out now.
    Thanks for sharing your call story. What a special event in your life.

  2. Thank you, Annie. When I received the call in January, November felt so far away. Boy, this year has flown by!

  3. Still holding on. I love your call story, especially with the ms that disappeared into cyberspace. I think what keeps me holding on is that writing gives me an outlet for sharing myself with others and I can't believe I'd feel led to do that if that dream weren't going to be fulfilled.