Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Are You Reading Thursday: Magazines

This week PHS Editor Donna Alward goes beyond the TBR to magazine world.

I don't read a lot of magazines, but I do get a select few in the mail courtesy of my daughter's fundraising campaign last year, and I get a few more industry magazines as well. Then there's the odd one I pick up while waiting in line at the grocery store. They are a guilty pleasure - interesting tidbits in a thousand words or less, perfect for flipping through with a cup of coffee or out on the deck.

So what magazines do I read?

First there's the RWA publication, the RWR (Romance Writers Report). This is the staple of my mag reading and the one I rip from the plastic first and devour as soon as I get it. Informative articles and industry information geared towards writers. I'm all over it.

I also get RT Book Reviews - this is a little more reader centered but it's great for reading reviews, seeing what's coming, getting behind the scenes info on trends and series and authors. It's a great way to study the market and get inspired.

For research I get American Cowboy. Need I say more? I love finding new twists I can use in my westerns, as well as adding to my knowledge about the ranching way of life.

And to look after ME, I get Fitness magazine. There are recipes and workouts and inspiring stories to keep me from falling off the wagon.

And every now and again I'll grab something off the rack - HELLO CANADA and of course the yearly People edition of the Sexiest Man Alive. Hero inspiration anyone?

Do you read magazines, and which ones are your favourites?

Donna's current release is HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART, available this month in North America and next month in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. You can find out more at her website,


  1. There'a a magazine called American Cowboy? Be still my beating heart. I'll be off then to find out if I can get that one delivered in the UK :)

  2. My guilty pleasures are People & Vanity Fair, but my staple is the New Yorker. I start by flipping through reading all the cartoons, then the restaurant & movie reviews then it's a toss up between the meaty article and fiction. If I can't afford to live in NYC, this must be the next best thing . . .

  3. Jo - there's a Canadian Cowboy too, but I view most of that material online.

    Anon - I confess the only time I've read New Yorker pieces is when they are brought to my attention!