Friday, October 14, 2011

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: Disney's Pocahontas

Riva/Presents Extra author Heidi Rice revisits her favourite Disney Princess, and dicusses why when it comes to romance sometimes it's better not to pay too much attention to the truth!

So when it comes to little girls (and some little boys too) and their princess fantasies, Disney have a lot to answer for. There's Walt's very sweet but almost indecently child-like Snow White, his sappy Cinderella (and all those annoying mice!) and the completely vaccuous Sleeping Beauty (who I'm reliably informed only appears in about 17 minutes of the film). All beautifully animated of course, but not really women most modern  mums would want their daughters to have as role models. That said, these princesses are all very much of their time, and frankly their plank-like princes are even less enchanting!

Moving swiftly on to Disney's modern era, when they gave their princesses a decidedly modern twist. And while Ariel and Belle, Mulan and Tiana all have their moments... By far my favourite is Pocahontas. Not only is she a real woman — being a full-figured Amazonian-style chief's daughter who dives off cliffs — she also has a 'prince' — in the form of brave, handsome and misguided adventurer John Smith — who is worthy of her.

Making this movie by far the most grown-up of Disney's princess yarns.

Now, of course, this isn't the real story of the Native Virginian girl who stepped in to save the life of a settler, Disney having taken a fair few liberties with that. But frankly, it doesn't pretend to be, so I'm not too concerned about that.

Rather this is a lavishly told and defiantly dramatic Romeo and Juliet-style romantic adventure yarn complete with epic New World scenery, a playlist of terrific songs, a match-making willow tree, action, spectacle and drama aplenty, two engaging central characters and Mel Gibson proving he can sing! And at it's centre is that compelling culture-clash romance as the smart, independent and stunningly beautiful Pocahontas falls for a man who has come to her land to tame her savage people and instead discovers that the only real savages are him and his men.

What's perhaps most rewarding about this film for me, is that Disney have taken a few risks with their material. One man dies, the lovers have a proper snog at the end, and there are even scenes here which have a striking (if innocent) sexual tension.

Check out this first meeting between Pocahontas and John Smith (it's certainly the hottest Mel Gibson has ever been IMHO!):

I went to see Pocahontas again recently with my two teenage sons, who are now a lot older and more distainful than they used to be. But as the lights went up, they both admitted (in a moment of weakness) to having been thoroughly blown away by this movie. Result!!

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  1. That's why I'm so happy I have young daughters. I get to watch all these movies over and over!

    I love that Pocahontas also has a great message about saving the environment too.

    But I think my favourite Disney film is still Little Mermaid. (I know, I know, not a great life lesson for girls since Ariel gives up everything just for a man, but I love that she saves her prince's life, rather than being saved. And she's pro-active; this is not a chick who waits around to be rescued).

  2. Have to admit I like Ariel too... And let's face it not much Disney could do about the original Hans Christian Anderson tale, but at least they didn't kill the mermaid off like he did!!

    And yeah, loved Pocahontas's eco-message, actually quite controversial for Disney now you think about it.