Monday, October 17, 2011

Male on Monday - Librarians

Brigid Coady is happily drooling about men who love books...

I have never been happier than I was when someone linked to this on Twitter.

It is a calendar dedicated to showcasing the men who work in libraries. Now I am all for good looking men but that is all academic if they don't have a brain. Also I did once dump a man because he didn't read. How could I possibly spend time with someone who didn't get books like I did.

And here for your delectation are three of our boys...

Zack - Mr January

Megan - Mr November

Gabriel - Mr December

If only the librarian at my local library looked like them *sigh*

Brigid's book The Stone Voice has successfully completed the RNA's New Writer Scheme and once she's finished tweaking it will be off to agents.


  1. I had once suggested to our chapter that we do a calendar similar to this with hot men reading romance novels. Surprisingly nobody jumped on this idea. I also think we need more romances with hot male librarians in them.

  2. Local male librarian calendar ~ I like the idea.
    We do have a local firefighter's calendar but it's not got quite this exposure factor.