Monday, October 24, 2011

Jessica Scott: CALL STORY

Loveswept author Jessica Scott joins the Pink Heart Society with a tale of tweets and triumph...

The Call via Twitter

My Call story is likely making all agents and editors who find Twitter a lively place to interact with folks not looking to pitch their novel groan. I found my editor on Twitter. There I said it. Yes, Twitter, the place where everyone says Do Not Pitch. That’s still the rule, by the way, so for the sake of editors and agents everywhere, please do not start flooding them with pitches. Unless they ask you to. Then, by all means. Anyway.

It was somewhat of a fluke, honestly, and it wasn’t a cold DM pitch, either. While I was deployed to Iraq, I’d tried to kick off a group blog dedicated to military romance and I’d asked Sue Grimshaw, who was then Border’s Book Buyer and running Border’s True Romance blog, to do a salute to military romances. So she and I had corresponded before I sent the fated DM (for those of you who don’t speak Twitter, DM is Direct Message, which is private between you and another user).

Sue was just kicking off Romance at Random on Facebook and right after Bin Laden’s death, she’d written a wonder post about all the revived interest in Navy SEALs but she mentioned she’d like to see a military romance that was not a romantic suspense. I no longer had a valid email address for her as the Border’s email bounced so I dropped her a direct message on Twitter. And she said yes. Which was pretty cool. Any new writer will tell you that having an editor request your work is pretty heady stuff but I honestly didn’t expect this to go anywhere. Shane and Jen had been around the block so to speak and I was honestly of the what’s the worst that could happen mindset.

Sue sent me a note and asked for a few revisions before she could solidify an offer. So I got to work and revised about 30 pages, I think plus added in a prologue. I sent that sucker to every writer friend I could to get second and third opinions and make sure it was locked tight. And then I sent it in.

I got the phone call from my agent while I was sitting in the dentist chair getting ready to have fluoride or something. The poor hygienist was standing there holding a dripping sponge while I happy danced in the chair with those stupid glasses they make you wear. I don’t think I came down off cloud nine for weeks after that. Then everything got amped up again with Nationals when Random House announced they were bringing back Loveswept and that my last chance book was going to launch the newly revamped imprint. No pressure or anything.

So that’s my story. It was years of work and rejections culminating in a phone call in the dentist’s chair. It’s by far the best dentist visit ever.

Jessica Scott

BECAUSE OF YOU - available November 14, 2012


  1. Congratulations, Jessica! I've pre-ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it.

  2. What a *great* call story Jessica! Go you. Best of luck with your new release. Caroline x

  3. Hey Jess -- great post! So anxious for you & BECAUSE OF YOU -- & even more-so for Trent, BACK TO YOU *sigh* love the military heroes & girl, you know how to write them! Some things are meant to be & you are meant to be Loveswept's lead debut - woot!

  4. Thanks for having me on. Not sure what happened but I commented on Monday and it didn't come through. Sorry about that! Hope y'all enjoy Because of You!