Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are you reading Thursday by Kate Hardy

Kate Hardy talks about what she's been reading this summer.

I hardly seem to have had a moment to breathe, lately, let alone read! But I have read three books (well, two and a half, as I’m partway through one) recently which I’ve really enjoyed and would like to share.

The first is Rachel Hore’s “A Place of Secrets”. I loved it (and not just because she happens to live near me and it’s set in my part of the world - though I thoroughly enjoyed “location-spotting”!). I always enjoy Rachel’s books because they show how the past affects the present, and she’s very, very good at doing this. Kind of timeslip, but very, very contemporary. Add in some excellent characterisation, a fascinating sub-plot (astronomy, so this was right up my street), and a gradual unravelling of various family secrets until the truth was told (i.e. the pace is excellent, too) – highly recommended.

The next is Lynn Raye Harris’s “Strangers in the Desert”. I like Lynn’s voice very much – there’s a lot of warmth there as well as passion, and her heroes are strong without being the sort I’d want to push into a puddle. Anyway, what I liked about this was that it was an amnesia story. I haven’t written one myself, and they are tough to pull off, but Lynn managed it really credibly. Great characterisation, and there’s something in there I wish I’d thought of writing first – go and read the book if you want to know what it is!

And the one I’m halfway through right now is David Nicholls’ “One Day”, which has been on my TBR for about a year, but I had such a glowing recommendation from my mate Heidi Rice that I grabbed it from the shelf at the beginning of this week. I really want to shake the hero and make him grow up (though he’s very true to the spirit of the times – these are my own growing-up years, so I recognise the music and the attitudes and the clothes and everything). And I like the heroine very much. I also like the concept: spanning twenty years, but only focusing on one day a year. It’s clever but – even better – the format doesn’t get in the way of telling the story. So that's a definite recommendation here.

Kate’s new medical romance, Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached, is out in shops right now in the UK (next month in Australia) and is also available from e-Harlequin in September. She’s thrilled that her new Modern Romance, A Moment on the Lips, has Vesuvius on the front cover! It’s available in the UK in October (or right now from the M&B website) and in the US in November. You can find out more about these books, and Kate, on her website ( and her blog (


  1. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for posting about all these books. Next on my list is A MOMENT ON THE LIPS!

    STRANGERS IN TEH DESERT sound wonderful, does it have Sheikhs?

  2. ITALIAN DOCTOR, NO STRINGS ATTACHED was a very emotional story, I loved it! Well if a story moves me to tears, then that's my barometer! And ITALIAN DOCTOR, NO STRINGS ATTACHED did that!

  3. Ooh, will be checking out the books from Ms Harris and Ms Hardy - thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Nas - Lynn's book does indeed have a gorgeous Sheikh ;o) And thank you for the compliment about my Italian doctor!

  5. Thank you for the mention, Kate! I'm blushing now. :)