Friday, September 09, 2011

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: Cowboys & Aliens

Riva/Harlequin Presents Extra author Heidi Rice gets all mashed up over the new Daniel Craig/Harrison Ford multiplex blockbuster.

These days it's very hard to get my 13-year-old son to attend a movie with his parents, because he thinks it's super uncool. So you've gotta love a movie that has something not just to tempt him, but also the rest of us as well... And this clever concept genre mash-up did that in spades for my little troop. Here was a movie that promised a surfete of alien SFX for the too-cool-for-school son, lots of rugged cowboy action for my husband and best of all vintage tottie Harrison Ford and hottie tottie Daniel Craig looking sexy on horseback for me!!

What's not to like?

We'd seen the trailer, and were expecting something fast and furious and action packed but with enough character development to keep us oldies entertained, too (ie, we were more than happy to let our teenage son go to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon with his mates!). And boy, were we not disappointed.

Everything Cowboys & Aliens promised it delivered.

All wrapped up in an atmospheric aliens-invade-the-old-west story that came complete with Harrison Ford doing a great turn as a nasty cattle baron who gets an even nastier wake-up call when his spoilt rotten son gets whisked into the wild blue yonder by 'demons'; Daniel Craig doing the strong, silent and solitary gunslinger thang to a tee as the stranger who arrives in town with a strange mechanical device on his wrist and no recollection of who he is or why he's there (move over Clint, there's a new Man with No Name in town); enigmatic beauty Olivia Wilde who has a really big surprise in store for everyone (including the audience); cowboys, injuns, some show-stopping shoot outs and a cast of grizzled supporting characters who'd do any John Wayne film proud. And then there's that rip-roaring plot which throws them all together into a seemingly impossible quest to destroy something with more speed, more fire-power and a lot less scruples than even the most degenerate cowboy.

There was also a nice line in wry humour which Harrison made the most of during a campfire scene that had me laughing out loud and harked back nicely to his Indiana Jones days. And even a hint of rugged romance between Dan and Liv.

However, if I had one complaint at the end of the two-hour plus bums-glued-to-seats movie extravaganza it was that there could have been a mite more kissing (only one real smackeroo in the whole thing)...

But guess what my 13-year-old son's verdict was: "Cool, but what was with all that kissing?" So I guess that means he won't be coming to see One Day with me next week! Shame!

Heidi's next Riva/Harlequin Presents Extra, On the First Night of Christmas..., is out in November in the UK and the US. She'll be running a comp on her blog to win a copy and doing a Goodreads giveaway mighty soon. So watch that space and check out the two tempting covers. You can contact her on her blog, Facebook, Twitter (@HeidiRomRice) and on her website.


  1. Hi Heidi,

    I love the cover for 'On the First Night of Christmas'. It's brilliant.

  2. I LOVED this movie, Heidi.Saw it with my 13 yo son too, and we were both pleased! That hasn't happened in a long time. Yes, more kissing was in order, but I'll live. Can't wait to read the next fabulous Heidi Rice book!

  3. A friend and I saw this over the summer, not sure what to expect (but as you said: hello! Harrison Ford!), and both enjoyed it. I would definitely watch it again.

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed it.. Didn't get very good reviews here, but then I suspect those reviewers don't appreciate the importance of good tot tie and alien action in a movie!