Monday, September 05, 2011

Male on Monday - Men Who Dance

Today Fiona Harper tells us why men who twirl and skip and jump make her heart skip a beat...

My love affair with men who dance started young, with black-and-white films on the television on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Watching some of the big Hollywood musicals, I was swept away into a world of romance, and I grew to love any film that featured Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. And then Grease came along, and I added John Travolta to my list. And since then they have been so many wonderful men dancing on both the big and small screen.

Current favourite is Adam Garcia, cheeky Aussie tapper, who I could just eat up with a spoon. Not just because he's a great dancer, but after having seen him judge on UK TV is got to dance, I discovered he was really funny to. Dancing and humour? In my book, that's a killer combination! And look at the pic on the right... Told you he was cheeky!

And let's face it, there's a definite romantic fantasy element to a man who hasn't got two left feet. I'm not quite sure what it is. Maybe it's about the display of masculine power. Maybe it's the sensual idea of moving in harmony with a member of the opposite sex. Perhaps it's the fact that dancing often shows a unspoken emotions, and we know how easy men find that ! To be honest, I'm not sure I really care why. I just like to have a ring-side seat.

So what about you? Who's your favourite dancing heartthob, and why?

Fiona's latest book, Swept Off Her Stillettos, is out this week in North America (Harlequin Romance) and is available in the UK too (Mills & Boon RIVA)

Clothing connoisseur Coreen Fraser's film-star style never leaves her wanting for male attention! But sourcing for a 1930s murder-mystery weekend stops being fun when she discovers she has to wear a tweed suit and sensible shoes!

Meanwhile Coreen's best friend Adam Conrad has his own plans for the weekend... And one moonlit kiss later Coreen's blinkers fall from her eyes. Adam is the only man who knows the girl underneath the skyscraper heels and scarlet lipstick. But is she brave enough to invite him to kiss it off any time he likes...?


  1. Always much preferred Gene Kelly to Fred Astaire... Give me earthy muscular tap rather than slightly efete ballroom dancing any day, and Fred was a little bug-eyed don't you think.

    Apparently they're remaking Dirty Dancing, not sure why as I don't think anyone will beat Patrick for style and substance in that area (not to mention fabulously cheesy schmaltz!)

  2. I'm a Patrick girl through and through - can't beat him!

  3. Ooh, if they're remaking Dirty Dancing, do you think they'll keep the line: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"? It's so cheesy, but at the same time it's one of the iconic moments!

    Have to say, I do prefer the men who dance with a certain raw masculine energy over flawless technicians.

  4. Hey Fiona, maybe they'll cast your man Adam in the Dirty Dancing remake, have to admit that saucy Adam Almost in a Towel photo is making the thought seem very appealing. LOL.