Monday, September 12, 2011

Male On Monday: Finding Inspiration for a Medical hero

Medical Author Scarlet Wilson explains about one of the best things about being a romance author --  Eye Candy

The one good thing about being an author is the excuse to search the internet for lots of eye candy - all for the sake of your book. What do you do? Are you one of the types of authors who can't start their story without a picture board for their characters and settings?
Do you have to look at lots of men, in order to find your perfect hero??
I, for one, love this excuse. But I have to admit to being a little strange. I may write medical romances, but I'm also a bit of sci-fi freak and tend to like some of the characters from those kinds of films and tv series. Han Solo from Star Wars, Captain Picard from The Next Generation and Jack and Daniel from Stargate. And don't get me started on Chris Pine, the new Captain from Star Trek......

However, I'm letting myself get all distracted, the world of TV medical romances abounds with gorgeous men, all with loveable flaws that make them all that more endearing to us.
So my first hero without a shadow of a doubt is gorgeous George.
He was the template for Dr Cooper Roberts in my first medical romance It Started With a Pregnancy.
And though, he looks all gorgeous and well-scrubbed in this picture, I actually prefer him in this one.
Do you remember this? This was the famous episode in Series 2, Doug rescued a boy from a trapped storm drain whilst he was wearing a dinner suit. I loved everything about this, and it captured his character perfectly. He hi-jacked a television helicopter to get the boy to the ER even though he knew he would be in trouble for it - and guess what? Doug didn't care. The patient came first. Perfect.
The book I've just finished, West Wing to Maternity Wing, had an equally gorgeous hero, Patrick Dempsey starring as my Lincoln Adams.
It also had an interesting anti-hero. The President and First Lady feature in this book, and have a very determined head of security, James Turner, based on the brilliant Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black (.
And sometimes it's great to go back to basics. I've just started book 4, and no matter how hard I looked, I kept going to back to the ultimate hero in my childhood. Indiana Jones has now been transformed into John Carter in my latest story. Twenty years ago I have to put my hand up and admit I would have been the girl sitting in his class with the words LOVE YOU in biro on my eyelids!
And I'm not finished ladies. I have a reserve list featuring Chris Pine, Patrick Swayze and that gorgeous man from Glee, Matthew Morrison.
I'm sure I can find a place in medical romances for them all!
So, who is on your reserve list? And what's their role?
I'm happy to send my book It Started with a Pregnancy, to someone who comments, so come back tomorrow and I'll post the winner!
You can find out more about Scarlet Wilson and her Medical romances on her website.


  1. Jason Statham - role of protector. Or he can just talk to me until I fall sleep. Love his voice!

  2. Mark Harmon - and he can roll with me ... er ... he can have any role he wants in any book (or anything else) of mine. Hubba hubba! Like Gorgeous George, he gets better looking every year. OMG.

  3. ooohhhh...i love Patrick Dempsey...i think he is the perfect inspiration for the hot successful doctor.

  4. OMG how could I have forgotten about Dr Doug saving the boy? Badboy awesome doctor... and Clooney's always working the smolder. Very hard to resist. Mmmm, happy place. :)

  5. Marcie - The Transporter - gorgeous, well-built and utterly delicious - what a perfect hero!

  6. Laney4 - NCIS, NCIS, NCIS, NCIS....
    I LOVE Mark Harmon - how dare they kill him off in the West Wing! But isn't he gorgeous as Gibbs?? I think we may need to fight over him....

  7. Sonali - Patrik Dempsey is a dream. I made my two sons come to the cinema with me to see Enchanted. And isn't he just WASTED on moany Meredith???!!!!

  8. Amalie - happy place with Doug - how nice that sounds. As long as we can leave nurse Carol behind, that would be just perfect!

  9. Pierce Brosnan can have any role he wants!

  10. Mmmmm Pierce in The Thomas Crown Affair was just GORGEOUS - I definitely wouldn't be sharing him!

  11. Laney4 - my son picked you as the winner!
    Can you got to my website
    and fill in the contact form with your address, I'll post the book out to you this week
    Scarlet x

  12. Hi there, Scarlet!
    Just sent my info on your contact form. Many thanks to you and your son!!!