Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Deadline Recipes :: KISS!

The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke is not here today to talk about Gene Simmons' band or his impending marriage. Instead, she's going to show you what's for dinner.

I love cookbooks. I read them the way I do novels, front to back, cover to cover. My favorite recipes to read are the ones I know I'll never make. Beef Wellington? When am I ever going to have that kind of time?

As much as I love new recipes and exotic tastes, there is a risk involved in new recipes. And I don't really want to put all that effort into a flub! New recipes are for post-book time, when I try to make up to my family all the nights I hid away in my office.

So, when I'm in the home stretch or nearing a deadline, I stick with what I know works, is fast and easy. I rely on ingredients to make the meal, not skill.

Take lunch...after a morning in the garden, the tomatoes were looking especially delicious. Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. Yum. I sauteed the chicken in olive oil and herbs from the garden. Fresh pepper and kosher salt...delicious!

Proscuitto & melon with mache lettuce (dressed in lemon and olive oil) with garlic toasts?  It is as good as it looks.

Baby lettuce salad made better with white balsamic vinaigrette, fresh berries, and goat cheese (found everything at the farmers market). Fantastic, plus I felt all green since everything was sourced locally.

When time gets tight, nothing works better than Keep It Simple Silly! The fewer ingredients, the less preparation...the happier you'll be!

Jenna's juggling the last few weeks of having the taller kiddos home for the summer, getting the small one ready for preschool, and finishing the road trip book right now. Until it's ready, be sure to check out her latest. Private Scandal is ripe with secrets, sass, and sensational sex. Keep up with Jenna's spin on things on her website & blog

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