Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deadline Recipe – Goop!

As we head into autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. The nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. The craving for filling stews and casseroles is tickling the taste buds... Brigid Coady is hear to tell us of a soup/casserole/stew which ticks the boxes and had sustained her through the years both as a student and as a writer.

I call this recipe Goop! The exclamation mark is a necessary part (like that perfume from the mid-90s Joop!) It has NOTHING to do with the Gwyneth Paltrow website. In fact it pre-dates it by at least a decade.

It is the dish I existed on at University days so it is cheap and lasts for many meals afterwards with a judicious addition of rice.

When I was a student it was traditional for all UK students to subsist on tuna, sweetcorn and cheese in various different ways. In pasta bakes, served with jacket potatoes. I was different. I loathe tuna and most cheese. So instead I became very adept at creating dishes using a can of tomatoes, an onion and a pepper or two.

One of the dishes that came from my experimentation was Goop! Minimum prep time. Can leave to cook in a casserole or slow cooker. And if you don’t want to cook the next day the juice with rice added makes a lovely comforting soup/stew or as I like to call it Goop!

Goop! (serves 4)

4 x chicken breast on bone (or other bits of chicken on bone, thighs or legs etc)
2 x onion (Spanish or red) roughly chopped
3 x large peppers (any colour) roughly chopped
1 x clove of garlic, crushed
Dust of flour (wheat or corn)
1 can of chopped plum tomatoes
1/2 pint of hot chicken stock(or hot water)
Dried flaked chilli peppers
Mixed herbs
Salt and pepper

Use a large saucepan or casserole dish. Dust chicken in flour and brown in saucepan. Remove. Add onion cook till soft then add peppers. Once soften add chicken breasts back to pan and add tomatoes and stock Add chilli, herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Put on lid and simmer on low heat for 45 mins (make sure chicken cooked through).

Serve with rice.

There should be sauce leftover. The next day add loads of rice to the sauce and cook until rice is tender.

Welcome to the world of Goop!

Brigid’s YA novel, The Stone Voice, is currently having a second read as part of the RNA New Writers Scheme. She is working on her second YA novel, The Silver Assassin.

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  1. This sounds really good except I would use our own tomato sauce for it. It's funny how fall brings on the yearning for stews and or oven roasted vegetables. We had a really nice pork , black bean and yam stew last night. It made enough that we will probably get another two meals out of it. I can't wait as stew usually tastes better the second time around. I love leftovers.