Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wildcard Weekend - The cutest thing ever?

Today Fiona Harper is going to let pictures do the talking, in the form of YouTube clip of a surprise wedding.

I'm not a big one for sitting on YouTube clicking on link after link of funny/amusing/cute clips, but I followed a link to this one the other day and just had to post about it. The groom has been dubbed 'the most romantic guy in the world' after the stunt he pulled, where he planned a secret wedding for almost a year and then proposed to his girlfriend and married her later that day! Enough of me telling you about it - just watch the clip:

How cute is that?

But what I want to ask is: would you like your groom-to-be to plan your wedding?

The control-freak side of me has a mere tantrum at the thought of it, but the fact the groom went to such lengths to give his bride the wedding she wanted just melts my heart.

Seriously, if I wrote a story like this I'd get stick for being unrealistic, because guys just don't do that sort of thing! Well, obviously they do. My advice to the bride? Hang on to this one, love, becuase I think he's a keeper. Any man who can wholeheartedly throw himself into giving the woman he loves exactly what she wants and needs is a romantic hero in my book!

But what about everyone else? What do you think? Romantic or cheesy? Sweet or scary?

Fiona's latest book,
Swept Off Her Stillettos, will be out in August in the UK (Mills & Boon RIVA) and September in North America (Harlequin Romance)

Clothing connoisseur Coreen Fraser's film-star style never leaves her wanting for male attention! But sourcing for a 1930s murder-mystery weekend stops being fun when she discovers she has to wear a tweed suit and sensible shoes!

Meanwhile Coreen's best friend Adam Conrad has his own plans for the weekend... And one moonlit kiss later Coreen's blinkers fall from her eyes. Adam is the only man who knows the girl underneath the skyscraper heels and scarlet lipstick. But is she brave enough to invite him to kiss it off any time he likes...?


  1. Oh, that's LOVELY. I think if a guy knows you well enough and is thoughtful enough to pay attention to what you say you want... yeah, he's a keeper. I'm smiling now, for all the right reasons :) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! I think I just fell in love with him myself. Definitely a keeper.

  3. I watched the whole thing with tears pouring down my face!! Thanks for bringing this to us :-)
    Jane Gray

  4. It's Don't Tell The Bride! Only for real. I do love Don't Tell The Bride, especially when the guy spends more time thinking about what his fiancee wants than what she wants. There was a very sweet one where he decided that instead of a stag do, he would spend £375 on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for her because he knew she would love them. It doesn't always work out well, though. See the infamous Las Vegas episode...

    This was adorable. I love that he'd spent so long getting all the little details just the way she wanted them. I want a man who'd do that for me! Not just plan my wedding, but plan it exactly the way I want it.

  5. I've never seen Don't Tell The Bride - not sure I could handle the cringe factor if the groom really mucked it up! Maybe I should give it a go?

    My other fave YouTube wedding video is this one:
    Just because it's such fun and the smile on the bride's face as she dances down the aisle makes me howl like a baby.

    Although, finding the link for the above video today, I did find a very funny tribute too:

  6. Thank you I really enjoyed this video and a few more I watched linked to this one. I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube just follow a few leads like this one. I really think Sean is a keeper. Such planning skills. Wish them all the best.