Thursday, August 11, 2011

What AreYou Reading? Annie West

This week our columnist Annie West shares the secrets of her to be read pile.

My TBR pile is constantly evolving and growing. Every so often I manage to make a dent in it but somehow it grows secretly, overnight, till it spills from the bedside table, bookcase and other places where it's stowed. It contains a wide variety of books. Some travel books have been a constant lately due to an upcoming trip. There are some non fiction research books, some classic books I want to visit or revisit and a stack of stories that have been waiting patiently for my attention.

So what am I reading? Nothing that's been there long. I was recently seduced away from those patient tomes by the delightful "Heiress in Love" by Christina Brooke. I enjoy a clever, sexy regency romance and this is hitting the spot. I confess to being tempted by the gorgeous cover, plus the fact I've been waiting a while for Christina's latest novel. She used to write as Christine Wells and her books were an autobuy for me. Now I'm reading about a proposed convenient marriage between a rake and a widow who's desperate not to marry again. Juicy? Yes. Intriguing? Yes. Also well written and engaging with some lovely characters. I haven't finished it but so far so fantastic.

Naturally, after this I'll have to make inroads into the stack of books that have been languishing for so long. Yes? Well, probably not. I was at the shops this week stocking up on a number of essential items when I happened by the Mills and Boon display. I suppose it won't surprise you to find I snaffled some category novels but the fact is that due to a particularly hectic couple of months here I haven't been able to indulge in much reading at all. You know those times when life gets "complicated"? That's why I haven't been able to devour Christina's book in one sitting as I'd like.

So of course, faced with the stacks of books I really want to read at home I did the obvious thing in times of stress - I reached for some comfort reads. For me that means some short contemporary romances with lots of emotional punch. How did you guess? Of course I snaffled some Sexy romances as they're known here in Australia. Known elsewhere as Presents or Moderns. Here's the top few I grabbed. I'll be taking some to read on the way to the Romance Writers of Australia Conference this week (which is where I'll be when this post goes live) and I'm looking forward to sinking into pure escapist comfort.

What are your comfort reads? Do you have a fave style of book you love to lose yourself in when times are tough?

Annie's pleased to say she has two books out this month. 'Prince of Scandal' is a current Presents release in North America (speaking of marriages of convenience) and her story 'For the Sheikh's Pleasure' is out this month in Australia and New Zealand in a 3 book anthology called 'Captivated by the Sheikh'.

If you want to find out any more about these books or read excerpts from them, stop by Annie's website where there's also a contest underway with both these and another release to be won.


  1. Annie my TBR pile is about to cause casualties in my house! And now you've tempted me with another book - what a gorgeous cover for Heiress in Love!

  2. I have a huge TBR but I still send off orders for more books as my favorite authors keep writing them. ( That is marvelous!) I read a mix of romance books and in times of stress I reach for books by authors who I know will give me a chuckle or two or make me cry. Just a bit of emotion is what is needed to get me to sleep.

  3. Hi Scarlet,

    Commisserations (or congratulations?) on the TBR pile. Though I worry about getting through mine, imagine life without it!

    Glad you like the look of Heiress in Love. It's a fabulous read!

    Sorry for being so late replying - I've been away at a writers' conference.

  4. Hi Kaelee,

    Isn't it great to have a comfort read or three when life gets stressful? Hope you get to read lots just for fun.