Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Heart Picks: The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress

Donna Alward returns with this month's Pink Heart Picks book club selection - her very first Kelly Hunter book!

One of the best things about being an author is having access to great books all the time and getting recommendations for fab authors and stories. One of the worst things about it is there is simply not enough time to read them all. This was my FIRST Kelly Hunter book - after years of hearing how wonderful her books are! Long overdue.

I know that this book was put out in the UK as a Modern Heat (taken By The Bad Boy) and in the US as a Presents. Because of that I think I started it thinking it would be more...Presents-ish. Don't get me wrong - there are similarities that make sense - the Greek island, the alpha hero, etc but whoever said that Modern Heat was like Presents' sassy little sister was bang on in this case. The hero (Pete) and heroine (Serena) are modern day career oriented people that are a touch more real life than the usual Presents fantasy in my opinion. There is also a coziness to the family and community that you usually don't see in a Presents - I think it comes down to voice to be honest. I like both flavours, but I'll admit it sort of surprised me. Not in a bad way, just different from my expectation.

I really liked Serena. She was beautiful, confident, not too proud, hardworking, and compassionate. She understood Pete like no one else. Pete was strong, sexy, conflicted, and determined. They complemented each other really well. The setting was gorgeous. In the beginning they agree that because they are both only on the island for a short time it will be a temporary relationship. Fun. Of course that doesn't work and it really interferes with Serena's plans.

Then there's the addition of her cousin Nico, hotel owner Chloe and her nephew Sam. At first I thought there might be too much of them in the story, but when things come to a climax you understand WHY. Everyone has a very important role to play.

To be honest, this could have totally worked as a longer book. There could have been bits in Nico and Chloe and even Sam's point of view. There could have been flashbacks to a specific event in Pete's past. It had that big book feel in a smaller format. I don't often say this about category romances, but I got to the end and wished there was more. Not that the story wasn't complete, because it was. But I would have liked to have visited a little bit longer. :-) I read it in one sitting as the pages just seemed to keep turning themselves!

Kelly has a great voice, with a lot of humour and wit that is balanced by emotion and poignancy. I'm hoping Pete's brothers have books too? Because I'll be looking for more of her books to read.

What's up next?

A very special story and a new release.

I love military heroes, so in September I'm hanging out with a struggling soldier in THE HEART OF A HERO by Barbara Wallace. You can get it anywhere Harlequin Romances are sold - on eharlequin right now or after the official release date (September 6) everywhere else!

Join me back here on September 29 to chat about it and find out what I'm reading in October!

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  1. Donna ~ It started out with Pete's sister's story which I don't have a copy of but I do have the rest of Kelly's books. Someone lent me Hallie's story to read.

    Hallie Bennett ~ Wife for a Week

    Tristan Bennett ~ Bedded for Diamonds

    Pete Bennett ~ The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress

    Luke Bennett ~ Untameable Rogue

    Jacob Bennett ~ Her Singapore Fling

    These are the NA titles

    When I started blogging back in 2008 on eHarlequin Kelly's books were getting reviews and most of them said "you have to read this book". I was hooked after I read Bedded for Diamonds. She has a humorous approach to her writing which I really love. It's been quite a while since I read this book but I can remember all the voluntary chaperones.