Friday, August 26, 2011

Must Watch Friday: Just Go With It

Last time I did a Must Watch Friday slot, I talked about the bad run of film nights we had at home. Um… we continued to pick duds for a while after that, rom-coms that either just weren’t funny or didn’t give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. (Worst of all – ones that weren’t funny OR warm!)

But then my husband came home with one we really enjoyed. It made us laugh, it had a lovely warmth to it, and it worked. (Plus I think he has a bit of a crush on Jennifer Aniston – and the twinkle in Adam Sandler’s eyes works for me.) It’s had some really bad reviews, but we really enjoyed it.

OK, so the plot’s a little on the predictable side – but then, that’s what I want in a romance. Boy meets girl, there’s something that keeps them apart, and they resolve this conflict to get their happy-ever-after. What I’m looking for in a romcom (whether film or book) is the journey.

And so we have successful surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) who’s been badly hurt (jilted very publicly) and has opted for no-strings affairs ever since. He wears a fake wedding ring, saying that he’s getting divorced (and this usually means he gets consoled by the girl he has his eye on). But when he meets Palmer, the girl of his dreams, she insists on meeting his ex-wife so she can be sure that Danny’s ex is OK about him moving on.

Danny persuades his assistant Katherine (Jenifer Aniston) to pretend to be his ex. Hence the title of the film: because whenever he tells a whopper (or she does, for that matter, while in ‘role’ as his ex), he says, ‘Just go with it’.

Danny ends up taking Palmer – and his ex, her ‘new partner’ and her kids – to Hawaii on vacation. Although the kids blackmail him into it (watch out for Maggie, played by Bailee Madison with a lot of verve), he clearly likes the kids; and the more time he spends with Katherine and the kids, the more he falls in love with her (and denies it to himself).

The journey? Danny realises what he really wants from life; Katherine realises that she’s found a man who’s not going to let her down, the way her ex does; and Palmer realises who’s really right for whom.

Good bits about the film? The warmth, the chemistry between Sandler and Aniston, a great cameo role by Nicole Kidman, good supporting cast, and some snappy direction. Our kids enjoyed it as much as we did. So I’d say ‘just go with it’ and enjoy the film ;o)

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  1. Hi Kate, I loved this film too, in spite of the terrible reviews. Found myself laughing out loud, esp at the children!

  2. It's not a bad flick, not the best but certainly not the worst I've sat through!