Monday, August 15, 2011

Male on Monday :: Josh Lucas (Encore!)

Five years ago, Pink Heart Society founding member Nicola Marsh featured Josh Lucas. Current PHS editor Jenna Bayley-Burke has decided you can't have too much of a good thing!

I fell in love with Josh Lucas when he played Jake in Sweet Home Alabama. A man's man with the soul of an artist...who can resist?

I remember some things from Nicola's first homage - like his given name is Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer, because he was born on an Indian reservation and when he was born he came out so easily he dented his head on a bed post!

Since my crush began, Josh has delighted women everwhere with more heroic roles -- like the sheriff in the Jennifer Lopez/Robert Redford movie An Unfinished Life, Coach Haskins in Glory Road, and Ted inThe Lincoln Lawyer with fellow male on Monday alum Matthew McConaughey.

He was even in the Katie O'Grady movie Management...okay, so he was barely in it and Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn starred in the movie, but I went to high school with Katie, so to everyone from Medford, that's Katie O'Grady'd movie :D

Most recently, he stole my heart again in Life As We Know It - The Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel movie. You know the one....The Odd Couple inherits a baby? That one. Josh played the perfect man - handsome, patient, thoughtful pediatrician who knew enough about Holly to see she was in love with Messer, even if she didn't want to admit it.

Honestly, the whole performance made me want to write a happy ending for Sam...hmmm....

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