Monday, August 01, 2011

Male on Monday: Inspiring Actor in Medical Drama Royal Pains

Medical Author Fiona Lowe shares one of inspirations -- Mark Feuerstien

I think most of the medical romance authors will confess to watching the medical drama shows on television and I’m no exception. I love watching and trying to diagnose the condition before it’s revealed. I’m not too pedantic about medical content accuracy, but I confess to letting a pair of very blue eyes win me over every time on Royal Pains when they never put the unconscious patient in coma position!

Mark Feuerstein plays Dr Hank Lawson and there’s something about his smile. And his eyes. And his torso and….

So who is Mark Feuerstein? He’s a 40 year-old New York City boy, son of lawyer and a school teacher and he studied at Princeton and won a Fulbright scholarship to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and studied physical comedy at L'École Philippe in France. It appears his career to date has been a bit hit and miss, and many critics have labeled him "sit-com kryptonite,” and audiences didn't even notice him, me included because I have no recollection of him in What Women Want.  I surely noticed him in Royal Pains.  Put him in a royal blue shirt and he lights up.

Sheer determination has made him a Hollywood stayer. Named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2003, he is now better known , although this Aussie only discovered him last year and yes, shallow as I am , I watch Royal Pains because of those bluer –than-blue eyes and his smile.

Fiona Lowe writes for Harlequin Medical romances which feature doctors who are both gorgeous on the inside and the outside. Her latest book, Career Girl in the Country, features two doctors who are at the top of their game professionally, but emotionally it’s a whole other story. For more information about Fiona and her books, please visit her at her website, Face book and Twitter.


  1. Yes, he does have great eyes! Yum...

  2. I know, right, Nancy! He is scrummy and I forgive the medical inaccuracies for those eyes AND the photography of The Hamptoms ;-)

  3. Royal Pains? I've never heard of it. Why do we miss out on all the good things....
    Right, off to google and try and download!

  4. Yeah, I also agree with his blue eyes. It really drive crazy, I mostly like blue eyes or contact wearing guys they look cool and charming with those dazzling eyes..Thanks for sharing it here.
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