Monday, August 29, 2011

Male on Monday: Channing Tatum

Harlequin Romance Author Soraya Lane explains how Channing Tatum inspired her latest hero!

Every time I start work on a new story, I cast my hero, and my current work in progress is no exception. I’ve written about a few soldiers now, but never a Navy SEAL, and for some reason that made it harder to cast my latest hero – Tom Cartwright. And then one day I sat down to re-watch the Nicholas Sparks movie Dear John, swooning as I watched my favorite soldier on the screen, and I suddenly realized who my inspiration for Tom was …

Enter Channing Tatum! He was a smoking hot soldier in Dear John, had all the moves in the dance movie Step it Up, and he was also pretty darn impressive as a boxer in Fighting. What do I love about him, I hear you say? I like that he is strong and masculine, looks like he could protect a girl if she needed it, and that he genuinely looks like he could be a marine or a Navy SEAL.

atum is happily married, having met his wife on the set of Step it Up and I like him for that even more. So that’s my male on Monday – the delectable, the delicious, the divine Mr Channing Tatum!

Tell me what you like about Tatum or which movie of his you enjoyed the most, and I’ll enter you in the draw to win a copy of my latest book, The Army Ranger’s Return. And if you’ve never heard of him before (poor you!) just comment anyway for a chance to win!

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  1. Soraya, i so agree with you...Channing Tatum is a hottie. I remember seeing him in 'She's the Man' for the first time, i had an immediate crush on him. I have seen Coach Carter, Step Up 1,2, G.I Joe, Dear John and Fighting of Channing Tatums and have immensely enjoyed them all. I think his a brilliant actor and portrays the various roles his been given really well, whether it be that of a teenager in a chick flick like 'Shes the Man' or the more serious roles like those in 'Dear John' and 'Fighting'.

    I can't wait to read 'The Army Rangers Return' since the Hero has been inspired by one of my favourite actors.

  2. 'Coach Carter' is good - I'll check out th other films listed.

  3. Oooh, thanks for giving me some more movies to watch him in Sonali!! I'll be keeping an eye out for them :)

  4. Love Channing Tatum! Haven't seen Fighting so I'll have to check it out :)

    Good luck with your current wip!

  5. I liked him in Dear John, too, and Stop-Loss, another movie where he plays a soldier.

  6. He's a hottie! I'm going to have to see those movies.

  7. Just so we're clear here ladies, I'm not sharing him. He's mine, all mine!!!

    I'll be back soon to pick a winner, and if you haven't found me on facebook yet do it soon, because I'm picking 5 book winners over there in a few hours time too!!

  8. Congrats Sonali!! You're the winner of The Army Ranger's Return!!

    Thanks to everyone for commenting :)