Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Swept Away - with Loveswept!

One of the big buzzes in New York at the RWA Nationals conference was the resurrection of Random House's LOVESWEPT series. Fans were rejoicing and others were wanting more information - both as readers and as authors. So we figured - why not go right to the source?

Please welcome Sue Grimshaw to the blog today. Sue's the Category Specialist and Editor at Large at Random House, and she runs the Romance at Random site. She's going to answer a few of our questions about Loveswept.

What is Loveswept, which titles are coming back, and what new titles are being offered?

Basically we are bring back old favourites and publishing new too – LS continues its tradition as an author focused imprint - “Love stories you’ll never forget by authors you’ll always remember.”  Eight titles will be relaunched in August (8/8), adding one or two titles each month.  Retailing from $2.99 to $4.99 promoted on and other popular blog sites.  The titles are formatted for all online retailers and in the UK.
Eight titles include:
Remember the Time by Annette Reynolds
The Vow by Juliana Garnett
This Fierce Splendor by Iris Johansen
The Baron by Sally Goldenbaum
Lightning That Lingers by Sharon & Tom Curtis
Tall, Dark & Lonesome by Debra Dixon
Dream Lover by Adrienne Staff
Legends by Deborah Smith
Spellbound by Adrienne Staff
Here is the press release:
Bantam’s Loveswept imprint was one of the most popular romance imprints in the 1980s and 1990s and now Random House is reviving Loveswept as an e-book only line that will release its first titles in August. The new imprint will be a collaboration between Random U.S. and Random House Group’s Transworld Publishers division which will let the company release e-books simultaneously in North America, the U.K., and the British Commonwealth.
In the U.S., each title will include bonus content, and previously released titles will be reintroduced with new packaging. Random is promising an “aggressive marketing campaign” the will feature the original Loveswept tagline: “Love stories you’ll never forget by authors you’ll always remember.” Random will support the program with retailer promotions at major e-book accounts, national print advertising, digital and social network advertising, and online marketing. Prices will range from $2.99 to $4.99.
“Ballantine Bantam Dell has a treasure trove of romance classics we want to share with a new generation of readers,” said Scott Shannon, senior v-p, publisher, Digital Content, Random House Publishing Group. The Loveswept U.S. publishing effort will be overseen by Gina Wachtel, v-associate publisher, Mass Market, Del Rey/Spectra and Digital, along with the Ballantine Bantam Dell editorial team and Sue Grimshaw, category specialist and editor-at-large who will host a new Web site,, that launches June 23. The site will serve as a place where authors, agents, editors, bloggers, book clubs, and readers can gather to discuss all things romance, including books published by Random House, other publishers, and self-published authors, while promoting Loveswept and Ballantine Bantam Dell titles which will be available for sale through the site.
After the August debut of Loveswept the imprint will release one title per month, but could move that to two relatively soon. The launch list will be comprised of titles from the Bantam catalogue with the first e-original set for October, Shannon said, adding the Loveswept will likely do six to 12 e-originals annually. The first list includes e-books from bestselling author Iris Johansen,  This Fierce Splendor, and will also include Remember The Time by Annette Reynolds, Dream Lover by Adrienne Staff, The Vow by Julianna Garnett, The Baron by Sally Goldenbaum, Lighting That Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis, Talk, Dark and Lonesome by Debra Dixon, and Legends by Deb Smith.
It’s presented as digital first – is there a print program or will there be a print program in the future?

LS is digital first however, there is always a print option.  Once we see the demand and need for print books we’ll be better able to determine what makes sense for the line. 

What is the word count of these books? Do they fit the definition of Category Romance?

LS is the same type of program it was years ago – we are not considering the line category, as the depth and length of the books will vary.  We are reviewing submissions of 30K to 90K, from all the sub-genres within romance.  The overall content fits that of single title more than that of category.

Is the program open to brand new authors? If so, are there submission guidelines for writers?

LS, was and has been, an author focused line – our goal is to build author brands as was done with LS Best Seller, Iris Johansen.  Debut’s are a very significant part of our plan for the imprint – 4 new debut authors have been signed and will be released late 2011 and throughout 2012 and we’ve plans for many more .J

BECAUSE OF YOU is our first book releasing in November 2011.  This is the first in Jessica Scott’s, COMING HOME Trilogy, books 2 and 3 releasing in 2012.

If you're interested in more information about the submission process, you can e-mail

You can check out  the Romance at Random site , and also on FB, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Buzz.   

Thanks Sue, for being with us today!


  1. This is very exciting. Iris Johansen is one of my all time favorite authors. I love the Wind Dancer series so much I've bought the set three or four times(usually I had to scour eBay and 2nd hand shops to find them), when they didn't survive a cross country move, a house fire, etc. Recently got them for my e-reader, which made me squeeful for days. Never lose them again! (hopefully)

  2. Thanks everyone -- we're pretty excited too -- lots of great backlist & debuts too :) Check it out here: