Friday, July 29, 2011

Must Watch Friday - Miss Marple

This Friday Brigid is immersing herself in Classic Crime.

I’m sure you have all heard by now that Agatha Christie’s great female detective is being re-imagined by Hollywood and Jennifer Garner will be playing her. Yes, Jennifer Garner. Not quite sure how an elderly English spinster is being re-imagined into Ms Garner but she is.

Miss Marple has been played over the years by a variety of different actresses Margaret Rutherford, Angela Lansbury, Geraldine McEwan, Julia McKenzie… all brought something to the role, good or bad. But in my opinion only one actress can ever BE Miss Marple. Joan Hickson. In the 1940s she appeared on-stage in an Agatha Christie play, Appointment with Death, which was seen by Christie who wrote in a note to her, "I hope one day you will play my dear Miss Marple".

Why am I banging on about Miss Marple? Well I have just taken delivery of the complete collection of BBC adaptations of Miss Marple starring the ever wonderful Joan Hickson. There she is in her 70s and 80s playing Miss Marple the way Christie wrote her. Quiet and seemingly unworldly but as a character says in ‘A Boy In The Library’ that she was as cynical and as knowing as any senior policeman, that she knew the world without having to leave her village.

I have already powered through the first two stories and am having to ration myself with the rest. These are perfect wet Sunday afternoon or lazy Sunday evening viewing. Beautiful period English setting, sublime acting from Joan, a murder and of course there was always a young couple who fall in love.

Romance rating 7/10 (loses some due to body count)

Brigid is summering in Cornwall where she hopes she will finish her revisions. Maybe.


  1. Completely agree! Joan Hickson was fantastic, though I haven't managed to see Julia Mckenzie's Miss Marple yet (had a glimpse but not seen any episodes grr). Just as David Suchet IS Poirot, both actors to me have epitomised those characters. Happy viewing.

  2. Julia McKenzie isn't bad but just NOT Joan Hickson! And I can't even get my head round Jennifer Garner.

    Yes, David Suchet is Poirot I am just less keen on the adaptations compared to the Marple ones.

  3. OMG, where did you hear that Jennifer Garner is playing Miss Marple? I'm shocked and somewhat appalled at the idea. I adored the Joan Hickson versions when they were first shown on A&E many moons ago. I agree with you Brigid, I'm never been a huge fan of Poirot, although I like Suchet. Poirot always seemed somewhat smug to me.

  4. Thank you, Brigid, you've just give me another perfect present for my OH's approaching birthday. He's convinced joan Hickson is the perfect Marple, too.
    I can't resist Poirot myself, but mainly because I love the Art Deco settings they often use.