Monday, July 04, 2011

MALE ON MONDAY : Jason Statham

Presents Extra author Mira Lyn Kelly explains why Jason Statham is a man she’s willing to make a few exceptions for…

Let me preface by acknowledging that I generally prefer my fantasy celebrity boyfriends to be at least 5’10”. I know it’s uncool, but it’s just a thing with me. A quirk. A hang up. Whatever. So what the heck is actor Jason Statham (5’9”) doing as my Male on Monday?

I’ll be honest. I was waffling a bit. Blake Shelton (6’5”) was a tempting alternative and I have been riveted to THE VOICE this season. But he just got married and it seemed sort of tacky to publicly acknowledge him as one of my pretend celebrity boyfriends when he’d barely gotten back from his honeymoon.

But aside from Blake being otherwise engaged, there’s just something about Jay (as his friends call him) that is really, incredibly watchable. He’s got that cocky swagger, and the kind of body to back it up if it comes down to it. And those eyes—there’s a sort of reflective, thoughtful intelligence in them. A brooding intensity.

And yes, definitely, a dangerous vibe. This guy is a martial arts expert and performs nearly all of his movie fight scenes and stunts himself.

Add to that, he was born in London, so that roughed up voice of his sports a sexy accent that would sound spectacular around 3am in the bedroom of his ten plus million dollar oceanfront house in Malibu, California.

Not convinced? Don’t worry, there’s more. He’s a former Olympic Diver, fashion model, and…black market salesman. That’s right ladies… Hot bad-boy, with a heart of gold. Totally.

And that’s why Jason Statham is my Male on Monday this week.

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  1. Nice choice, Mira! Jason Stratham is truly scrumptious. Definite hero material!

  2. Love the post Mira! Waiting with baited breath for this book.

  3. Great post Mira! Jason is just yummy. We were doing a vote-off with him against Daniel Craig over at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog.

  4. Jeannene, thanks so much! Hope you enjoy it!

    Kiru, Wow, that is a seriously tough call. I may have to spend another day or two dwelling on it! :-)