Sunday, June 05, 2011

Romance Review Roundup

Such a busy week of reading.  Melanie Milburne has written an incredible series, the Sabbatini Brother's.  Shock:  One Night Heir was a beautiful love story.  Giorgio was the strength in his Sicilian family, so much so it caused his marriage to Maya to break-up.   Until at his brother's wedding and thanks to some champagne he made love to his wife, causing the baby they had so long for years to be conceived.

Here's the review

SABBATINI BROTHERS Three powerful playboys from the richest dynasty in Europe! Ruthless, irresistible…impossible to tame?

The Scandal:   Unclaimed Love-Child was quite the reunion and secret baby romance.  It was absolutely beautiful as crafted by the very talented Melanie Milburne.  This was the second brother Luc Sabbatini and a lovely ballerina Bronte's story.  After a brief affair, Luc suddenly left the country without any explanation only to return to Bronte to see if there was still something there because he hadn't forgotten about her.

Much to his surprise he found out he had a baby daughter.  Furious now as one could well imagine.  Here's the review
Nicola Marsh has a real winner with Sex, Gossip and Rock and Roll.
Charli Chambers and Luca Petrelli had a lot in common as they both had troubled childhoods.  It was Luca's grandfather who had rescued Charli when he had failed to rescue his own grandson.  It was a great romance as only Nic can pen.

Here's the review

Jane Porter has written one intense and glorious romance with a Dark Sicilian Secret.

Like the heroine with her alias of Jillian Smith, I actually believed as she did that her ex-lover Vittorio d'Severano was part of the Sicilian Mafia.  He certainly was powerful and ruthless as far as a successful business man.  It was obvious after reading several chapters that he had once loved Jillian.  However, now he had tracked Jillian and his infant son down in California and he was determined to take his son back home to Italy and to his family.  The hell with Jillian's feelings because she had hidden the fact that he was a father.  So no matter how she felt, she could come home with him and marry him or else!

The review

Reviews I'll be writing this week:

Kate Hewitt's The Man Who Never Love.  A Count who wanted to marry a traditional wife and gets more than he bargained for with Annamaria Viale.

Mr. and Mischief by Kate Hewitt.  Jason Kingsley and Emily Wood had a past.  Her sister had married his brother and when she was just a teenager who had a crush on him.  Now she works for him in London and is his Manager of HR.  Talk about chemistry!

Olivia Gates, The Sarantos Secret Baby.  He had been her forbidden lover and was her family's hated adversary.  A secret baby story full of tension.

Maxine  Sullivan Secret Son, Convenient Wife.  Another secret baby story and Tate Chandler got more than he bargained for with Gemma Watkins until he thought she betrayed him with his best friend.  Tension like you won't believe when he finds out he has a son.

Annie West's Prince of Scandal.  Luisa Hardwick lived on a farm with her Uncle and Aunt.  Her life was turned upside down by the Prince of Martiz, the home of her mother.  Raul's country counted on him and the only way he could be crowned King, was to marry Luisa.  Everyone had believed when Luisa's grandfather had died his line would die with him.  Until they found out about Luisa.  It was quite the love story!

Carol Marinelli's A Bride for Kolovsky.  This was one emotional and tension packed romance and one full of revenge for the family who had left Zakahr in a Russian orphanage.

Abby Green's Restless Billionaire part of the Bad Blood series in the UK and the Wolfe's in North America.  It was  Sebastian's story.  Sebastian the sharp, coool and controlled brother who met the lovely acterss from India, Anessa who was running away from her wedding day.  It was a marvelous love story and I can't wait to read the rest of this series.

According to Mills and Boon on Facebook, it's Ice Cream Month in the UK.  If you love romance and ice cream then you'll just have to pick up a copy of Liz Fielding's Tempted by Trouble.  It's a delightful love story with so many emotions and lessons for those who love a good romance.  It's about a strong young woman who shoulders the responsibility of her family.  She didn't know she had an uncle Basil who had disappeared and left her with a retro pink  ice cream van  called Rosie and a sexy blued hunk, Sean McElroy.

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