Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pink Heart Editor's Beach Reads!

Summer will soon be upon us with lazy hot days in the sunshine! Perfect beach read weather - hang around and see what the PHS editors are looking forward to reading!


When I saw the blurb in Publisher's Marketplace for Kristina McMorris's Letters From Home, I knew I had to have it when it came out. It's now on my TBR and I can't wait to get lost in it. I love the WWII era and the cover for this one is GORGEOUS!

And because I tend to "play" a lot more in the summer, I'll "pretend" I'm working by finally reading Self Editing for Fiction Writers. I know - collective gasps by the writers reading this but I've never read it. Going to remedy that poolside. :-) (Slightly astonished about this. Michelle)


My current reading is A Storm of Swords by GRR Martin. This is the third in his A Game of Thrones series. I know the book series is called A Song of Fire and Ice  but I discovered them because of the tv series. The books are long and hugely addictive. He does the details very well and creates characters you love or love to hate. It is a fantasy but it is the interactions between the characters. Basically the series revolves around the attempts to control the Seven Kingdoms. So it is sort of the War of the Roses with dragons, direwolves and the horrible nightmare creatures called The Others. The fifth book in the series is released on 12 July A Dance with Dragons and is on pre order. My daughter has already called dibs and swears she is the fastest reader in the house. My youngest begs to differ. They both say that I read slower. This is ever so slightly galling as I used to have the reputation for being a really fast reader...There are going to be seven books in all. Unfortunately Martin writes slowly.

Unlike Donna, I am not taking the summer off and have a manuscript due on 1 September so I have several research books on the go. The most recent find and I have been raving about this -- Women Who Made Money Women Partners in British Private Banks 1752 -1906 by Dawes and Selwyn. It profiles 76 women who were involved in the financial sector during the 19th century. My jaw dropped as I had never realised that there wasn't a glass ceiling in the Regency times. The two wealthiest bankers in London in the 1820s were women -- Lady Jersey who was also a Lady Patroness of Almack's and the Duchess of St Albans who had a rags to riches story. What is also intriguing is that there are not any modern biographies and the last biography that I have been able to find for the Duchess of St Albans is from 1839. For some reason they and the other women profiled were ignored by the early feminists...Anyway, I am hoping to find that biography in the Lit and Phil library and other information on Almack's, as apparently there was a book written on Almack's in 1924.

Also on my list are various books that I get from the RWA. It is one of the great perks of going. I am looking forward to discovering new authors.


Poor Mira, after being nurse extraordinaire to her offspring has spent the last few days under the weather, but one title popped up when we asked her about beach reads: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole! Hopefully Mira gets to enjoy some reading soon!

Jenna ::

Let's fire up the Nook and see what I have in the queue, shall we? I'm collecting so I won't get stuck book-less while the hatchlings are invading the neighborhood park!

I'm saving Vicki Lewis Thompson's 3rd Sons of Chance, Claimed! (Harlequin Blaze) for a day when I have enough time to read it in a single gulp.  Bodyguards In Bed from Lucy Monroe, Elisabeth Naughton & Jamie Denton is also on my list. And I need to finish Delialh Marvelle's Scandal series with The Perfect Scandal (Hqn).

(oh, and Donna? You're going to LOVE Letters From Home. It's even better than you've heard!)

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