Friday, June 24, 2011

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: The Ultimate Distraction

Pink Heart Society Editor and Presents Extra author Mira Lyn Kelly talks about her love affair with TV’s hottest half naked men…

True confessions time. Brace yourselves…I don’t watch a lot of TV. There are a multitude of reasons why but the nutshell version is this… I like to read way better. My TBR pile delivers the romance I’m hooked on when I want it, how I want it, wherever I want it. TV, not so much—though that may have more to do with my husband’s relationship with our remote than what’s actually available on the cable line-up.

He’s a chronic flipper, forever bouncing between programs, unfazed if he misses some critical piece of dialog or telling look. And he doesn’t dig the love stories. You can see where this might be a problem for someone who cut her teeth on daytime soaps and writes happily ever afters for a living.

So for the most part, when it’s time to kick back, I just curl up on the couch and ignore the incessant freaking flipping. Unless…my favorite “research” program happens to be on. And then I might pay just a little more attention.

What could possibly pull me away from even the blackest of black moments or most satisfying resolutions, you ask?

Impossibly hard bodied, tough guys with who trash talk and throw down.

UFC. That’s right, I’m talking about the Ultimate Fighting Championship… I’m talking about a sweat slicked study of musculature in motion that has me riveted to the screen. It’s almost as good as watching men’s swimming during the summer games. And the truth is, I enjoy a good fight and appreciate the skills involved in the sport. In fact, a UFC tape (yes, I mean VHS tape!) and take-out pizza was a regular staple in the dating years with my husband.

But it’s not just sentimentality spurring my admiration for the sport—and it’s not just me who’s a fan. The fabulous Lori Foster built an entire series around a fictional SBC fighting organization based on the UFC! (And those books are HOT!)

So it comes down to this. If I must watch…UFC gives a darn good show!

:-) Mira

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