Monday, June 13, 2011

Male on Monday:Ryan Gosling

Harlequin Romance author Nina Harington celebrates Canadian Ryan Gosling

I had no idea how difficult it would be to choose just one Male on Monday until I had to finally put fingers to the keyboard and decide between my two favourite male movie heroes at the moment. Ryan Reynolds – and Ryan Gosling.

Both Canadian. Both super gorgeous. But totally different in their acting styles and choice of roles.

So sorry my lovely Ryan Reynolds, but my Male on Monday this week is Ryan Gosling.

Why? He is different. Clever. A method actor who likes to totally immerse himself in the characters he is portraying.  For example, in the movie, ‘Lars and the Real Girl,’ Ryan plays a second son who lives alone in the converted garage of his family house while his brother stays with his very pregnant wife [ a wonderful Emily Mortimer  ] in the main house.

Ryan actually lived that part, staying in that garage before filming started so that he appears on film as a totally convincing and empathetic character. We understand why he is so lonely and desperate that he orders a life size female doll and convinces himself that she is his real girlfriend Bianca. Now the premise of that story might not seem so great – until you realise the whole movie is about the character arc for Lars and how Bianca changes both him and his small town for the better – and yes, he does meet a real girl.

In total contrast, in the thriller’ Fracture,’ Ryan plays a Los Angeles public prosecutor who is determined to prove that brilliant engineer Anthony Hopkins murdered his wife when he discovered that she was having an affair. It is a clever script and Ryan plays a character who has to decide whether to seek justice for the dead wife or further his own legal career.  Clever, believable and interesting – because of that dilemma and the character played so brilliantly by Ryan Gosling.

And then there is the romantic film which truly captured the public imagination  - the film version of ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks. Not a dry eye in the cinema.
I confess to not having seen  ‘Blue Valentine’ but from the trailer it shows all of the characteristic poignant, loving, real and character rich acting that Ryan is known for. 
So I am determined to catch his new romantic movie ‘Crazy, Stupid Love,’ as soon as I can over this summer – where, for once, my Ryan plays a smooth womaniser. And he takes his shirt off. Several times.
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  1. Fracture's an excellent film, and he's brilliant in it, a real hero!

  2. ooh, I love Ryan G. Can't wait to see that new one too!

  3. Completely agree Cara and Sally. You have great taste in heroes!