Monday, June 27, 2011

Male on Monday - Soraya Lane

Please welcome Debut author Soraya Lane to the blog today for a delicious Male on Monday post!

I often find it hard to think of topics to blog about, but when I was asked to do a Male on Monday spot, suddenly blogging didn’t seem so hard! What could be easier to write about than gorgeous men?

            Before I start a new story, I like to cast my characters and make a collage of images. Guess what I start with? Yup, the hero. And this involves trawling the internet for images of delicious guys …

            My first two books for Harlequin Romance form a miniseries called Heroes Come Home, and both stories are about returning soldiers. In casting the two heroes, I needed strong, handsome, “real” men, and it didn’t take me long to find my inspiration.

            Enter Eric Dane and Colin Farrell! Completely different men, but oh-so gorgeous and rugged in their own ways. I’m personally not into “pretty” boys – I like the look of a man who could protect me and defend me if necessary. A guy who could almost look like a bad boy, but with a twinkle in his eye that tells you he has a soft heart and a kind personality.

            Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will know that Eric Dane is called “McSteamy”, and it’s a name he deserves. He walks into a room on screen and you can almost see women sigh and fall to the floor. He’s buff, he’s strong, and he always seems to play a cheeky character. Except in the movie Valentine’s Day … I almost swallowed my own tongue when he kissed a guy and played a gay character. Talk about ruin my fantasy!

            Colin Farrell can often play the typical bad boy in movies, but he also has a certain charm that is enhanced by his swoon-worthy Irish accent. And he’s a great actor too – I haven’t seen a movie of his yet that I don’t like, and I particularly liked him in uniform in S.W.A.T.

            My question to you is – if you could go on a dream date with either Eric Dane or Colin Farrell, who would you choose and why? The best answer will win a copy of my debut Harlequin Romance, Soldier on Her Doorstep!

            Personally, I think I’d have to pick Dane. No, Farrell. No Dane …

            Who am I kidding, it’s impossible to choose!
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Soraya's debut is a Romantic Times Top Pick! SOLDIER ON HER DOORSTEP is out in the UK now and coming next week to the US, Canada and Australia! W000T!


  1. I'm going for Dane!!! I like Farell - but he's not quite 'man' enough for me - think there's too much of the 'boy' in his 'bad boy' thing - whereas Dane is definitely all man - and I loved his character in Valentine's Day - thought watching him finally get the courage to admit how he loved was just lovely!!! :)
    Huge congrats on your amazing debut and your Top Pick - sooooo deserved!!! :)

  2. After reviewing the gorgeous pics again I'm going to have to choose Colin Farrell! I just can't resist that bad boy image ... At least it means we don't have to fight over him Natalie!!

  3. Yes, Dane, for sure. Farell has always looked like trouble to me :)I loved Valetine's Day - even if Dane was paired up with that other ultra hottie Bradley Cooper.
    Congratulations on your debut book, Soraya - really looking forward to reading it.

  4. At least it looks like I'll get Farrell all to myself! I must say that my hero on the cover doesn't quite look like him, but he's not bad :)

  5. Not so fast!
    I would take Farrell in a heartbeat (oooooh; sends chills just thinking about it), under one condition: no smoking (nor whisp of smoke) allowed! Yick!
    It could be his accent ... or his dreamy eyes (I know; he's not Dr. McDreamy or McSteamy, LOL) ... or his cockiness (don't go there, LOL). The possibilities are endless.

  6. Congrats Laney4! I picked a random winner and it's you :) I'll try to contact you via your blogger profile, but otherwise contact me via my website -