Monday, June 20, 2011

Male On Monday: Kit Harington

PHS Editor and Historical author Michelle Styles examines another of the Game of Thrones men-- Kit Harington

One of the viewing highlights of recent weeks has been Game of Thrones (over here on Sky Atlantic but in the US on HBO -- the final episode is tonight). Among other things, it has thrown up a number of possibilities for new males to model heroes on. (Richard Madden is  another one) Kit Harington is a releative newcomer. A Game of Thrones is his first major television acting role. He plays Jon Snow who becomes one of the major characters in the series of books by GRR Martin. (Yes, I have read ahead and as the book series is not complete I have my own ideas about how major he will be...but I predict pivotal and have my ideas about his parentage) By the time  this series is finished, I suspect he will be firmly established as an action hero. And Season 2 should bring the start of a love interest...once he goes beyond the Wall.

His first major acting role was the lead in the National Theatre's production of War Horse. And his first foray into cinema will be in a horror film Silent Hill: Revelation 3d which also stars Sean Bean. Born in 1987, Kit graduated from London University's Central School of Speech and Drama. Before deciding to make acting a career, he wanted to be a journalist. Because he is such a newcomer, there is not much gossip on him. In his TV Guide interview, he said that his major hobbies were reading and going to the theatre.

Kit brings a quiet intensity and integrity to his role and is clearly an actor who has potential. It is a bit like watching a young Robert Pattinson or David Tennant or for that matter Sean Bean, before they made their name.

If you have not seen A Game of Thrones, it should be out on DVD soon.It is a great series and one of those reasons is Kit Harington.

Michelle Styles writes historical romance for Harlequin Historical. Her latest -- To Marry A Matchmaker comes out in paperback in the UK on 1 July. You can visit to learn more about Michelle's books.

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