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Sailing into the spotlight this month is my friend, chapter-mate, and debut Desire author Cat Schield

Cat Schield lives in Minnesota with her daughter and their Burmese cat. Winner of the Romance Writers of America 2010 Golden Heart® for series contemporary romance, when she’s not writing sexy, romantic stories for Harlequin Desire, she can be found sailing with friends on the St. Croix River or more exotic locales like the Caribbean and Europe.

Cat, thank you so much for dropping by the Pink Heart Society today. Congratulations on your debut hitting the shelves! Can you tell us a little about the story? What inspired it?

Meddling With A Millionaire is about a woman whose father meddles in her love life and arranges for her to marry the man she had a teenage crush on. She wants to marry for love. Her intended groom isn’t convinced love and marriage go together.

As so often happens with me, I had an idea for an opening. A man backs a woman against a closed door while a party takes place on the other side. The mood is sexy. The possibilities endless.

How about a blurb?
No Man’s Bargaining Chip
Emma Montgomery wouldn’t be manipulated into marriage as part of Daddy’s business deal—even if he cut off access to her trust fund until she complied. The talented jewelry designer would just make her own way. Or go down trying. Too bad her intended groom--maverick businessman and former crush Nathan Case--made her stubborn stance so difficult. The heat of his touch had her nearly betraying herself at every turn. Resisting Nathan and regaining her money were the name of the game—but meddling with this millionaire might land her right back in his arms!

What are your favorite genres? Least favorites?

My favorite genres to read are romance, mystery/thriller and fantasy. Least favorites are horror and science fiction, although I really have nothing against either, they just aren’t the first types of stories I pick up and read.

What’s in your TBR pile and why?

These days I’m reading a lot of single title contemporary and thrillers. The contemporary single titles because I'm noodling one and so I'm trying to get a sense of pacing, conflict and character development. The thrillers because they are something I don't write and so I can read them just for fun.

When the writing is done, how do you kick back to relax?

In the summer I get out on the river in our 31 ft sailboat. Winters I spend a lot of time in the movie theater.

How do you pick your story settings?

I use either places I’ve been or would like to go. My first two books are set in Houston. I was heading to the 2007 National conference in Dallas and swung down to Houston to visit friends. They drove me around the city and so I could get the flavor of the different neighborhoods. I had a great time and decided Houston would make a great setting.

When pursuing that first sale, what line did you target?

I have always been and always will be a Desire girl. It’s the line I love to read and can’t believe how lucky I am to be writing for them.

Plot or Pants?

Both. I plot and then write. As I do, stuff comes up that I don’t expect. That’s the cool part about the creative process. Even when you think you know everything going into the book, amazing revelations occur on the writing journey.

How has your process changed through your career?

I used to just dive into a book with no idea of plot, conflict or characterization and then spend a lot of time rewriting. Now, I try to think the whole story through before I get started.

What’s the best piece of advice you have to offer to an aspiring author?

Don’t give up and embrace learning.

How would you describe what writing is to you? (Habit, hobby, outlet, obsession, sanity savor…?)

Obsession probably sums it up best.

Anything else you’d like the readers to know?

To celebrate my debut I wrote a novella that ties into Meddling With A Millionaire. Her Secret Millionaire is the story of how Emma’s brother and Nathan’s best friend, Cody, meets the girl of his dreams and journeys to his happily ever after. It’s available as a free read on my website.

Coming October 2011, A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION features Nathan’s brother, Sebastian and his executive assistant Missy.

Cat, wonderful having you today!

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  1. Lovely interview Cat. I love reading and reviewing debut authors and will definitely pick up a copy.

  2. Great to read about your debut book Cat and your writing process. Am looking foward to reading Meddling With A Millionaire.

  3. Hi Cat ~ Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed Meddling with a Millionaire. I loved how the heroine developed into such a strong person in the end. Emma just grew throughout the book and Nathan finally realized just what he wanted. I'm off to read your free story on your website.
    Hope to read more books by you in the future.