Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 RWA: Conference Update Michelle Styles Monday

At the RWA Conference.

Yesterday was travelling. Donna Alward arrived on Sunday, but I got here on Monday.

The Maarriot Marquis is amazing! 48 floors. At the top, The View lounge is a slowly revolving place to get a drink. The lift is like something out of Harry Potter and goes very quickly. Between the revolving panorama and swift descent only leave, those with nervous stomachs should be wary but I thought it great fun.

I have managed to catch a glimpse of fellow authors and a few editors. There is a buzz and hum of excitement. This conference promises to be tremendously exciting!

The fun starts properly today for me. With a digital workshop for Harlequin authors. I went last year and learnt so much. There are great things happening in Digital and online! And the digital team are very good about sharing their knowledge.

Then there is the Librarain's lunch with Julia Quinn speaking and the Mett and Greet with Booksellers and librarians. After that is the literacy signing. My sister who has travelled up from DC brought 4 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies with her so hopefully people who stop by to say hi will help eat them.

My son also travelled up and we went out to the DBGB Kitchen Bar on 229 Bowry Street last night. He learnt about the gastro pub from a highly placed foodie friend. The food was excellent -- the Frenchie hamburger was to die for -- very good meat, pork belly etc. An incredible array of sausages. really excellent French fries. And the beer list amazing. Well worth a visit and a million miles away from the chains that populate Times Square. On that basis, we are shall most likely be trying the next gastro pub on the list after the Signing.

More updates later

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