Saturday, May 21, 2011

WILD CARD WEEKEND: Summer Viewing Pleasures

Harlequin Super Romance author Beth Andrews tells us what summer flicks have caught her eye...

Here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, we’ve suffered through a particularly brutal winter only to endure a wet and cold spring. Is it any wonder I’m anxious for summer to arrive? One of my favorite summer activities is loading everyone in the car, packing a ton of snacks and drinks and heading to the Drive-In! And from the looks of the upcoming summer movie season, there will be no shortage of fabulous flicks to choose from *g* And since the local Drive-In is already open, I’m going to include a few May releases as well.

Here are a few I’m especially looking forward to:

Bridesmaids – love Kristen Wiig! From the produce of Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40-year-Old Virgin, this promises to be Not Your Average Chick Flick!

The Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds. *sigh* What else can I say?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – can’t wait for this!

The Help – great book and looks to be a great movie!

Larry Crowne – starring Tom Hanks as Larry Crowne, a man who attends his local college to start over after he’s fired. Julia Roberts is one of his professors who is also going through her own reinvention.

Abduction (although technically this one won’t be out until Sept) – a thriller about a teen who tries to figure out the truth about his life after seeing his baby picture on a missing child poster. And no, I didn’t pick this because of Taylor Lautner (I haven’t even seen the Twilight films yet) but I can see his appeal *g*

What upcoming movies are you looking forward to seeing? Do you prefer watching movies at the theater, the drive-in or at home?
Two commenters will each win a copy of my latest Harlequin Superromance, THE PRODIGAL SON.

He always gets what he wants—and that's made Matt Sheppard an international success as a vintner. So he never saw his mother's blackmail coming. She says she'll sell the family's vineyard if he doesn't stay put for exactly one year. But running the Diamond Dust with his brothers was his father's dream, not his. Now he's shackled to the place by familial ties as strong as vines and tight enough to strangle him.

Worse, he's forced to work with a resentful manager, Connie Henkel. Her mile-long legs can't distract him from his goal: to improve the business and get out as soon as he can. Because if the single mom entwines herself around Matt's heart, he'll never be able to leave.

Beth Andrews is a Romance Writers of America RITA® Award Winner and Golden Heart Winner. She lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania with her husband and two teenage daughters. In her free time she visits wineries, drinks wine—purely for research purposes—and works on perfecting her recipe for Crème Brulee. When not researching (or making fattening desserts) she can be found counting the days until her son returns from college. Learn more about Beth and her books by visiting her website,


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  2. I'm really looking forward to the Help. I just hope they capture the atmosphere in the book!

  3. I usually just wait to watch movies at home, they premiere on the cable channels much sooner these days. Larry Crowne looks good and there's also a romantic comedy called Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell, and Julianne Moore that looks interesting.

  4. Jo's Daughter, I can't wait to see Bridesmaids! Then again, I still haven't seen The Hangover which is what it's being compared to. I obviously need to get out more *g*

    So true about weddings. Funny how the happiest day of your life turns into the most stressful as well :-)

  5. I hope so too, Scarlet. Setting is a major part of that story.

  6. Summer, I watch most of the movies I see at home, too. And I love Netflix's instant streaming. They have some good choices for movies and TV shows.

    I recently saw the trailer for Crazy Stupid Love! It looks great. I love Steve Carrell when he's more serious than goofy :-)

  7. Thank you all so much for chatting with me today! And thanks to the PHS for letting me visit :-)

  8. Thanks again for chatting with me, Jo's Daughter, Scarlet and Summer! I'd love to send you each a copy of The Prodigal Son! Just send your snail mail info to me at: and I'll get your books out to you right away :-)