Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wild Card Weekend - In Vegas!

The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke has a mad obsession with Las Vegas. In fact, she just got back, and it trying to plan another visit!

I love Vegas. It truly is the adult version of Disneyland. No one is politically correct, no one cares if you're having orange juice or a screwdriver at breakfast, and there isn't a soul who gives a flying fig if you have dessert instead of dinner.

I love Vegas for many reasons. The love affair started with my childhood affinity for swimming beaches, buffets, and parents willing to give you a bucket of arcade quarters! I'd love to take the kids, but the husband thinks Vegas is adult-only. Probably because we tend to find ourselves in otherwise classy casinos with go-go dancers.

Now it is about the escape. Last year I went with my bestie to celebrate the finish of her cancer treatments. Vegas with a girlfriend is so different than with a husband. She thought coffee for breakfast was perfectly acceptable, as was seeing Menopause the Musical (my treat, as a gag since treatment had her wondering if Aunt Flo had retired. No such luck.) We could slather on suncreen and people watch at the pool, head to the piano bar for free drinks on ladies night, and split dinner entrees.

With the man, it's all about the shows - his football-loving, beer-chugging self is infatuated with Cirque de Soliel. He'll hike from one end of the strip to another in the heat, drink the same microbrew he favors at home and order steak from every restaurant. He's all about the thrill rides - the roller coaster at New York New York and the shuttle you off the side of the tower at Stratosphere. He does the poker tournaments and wins enough at blackjack to keep me playing beside him until the drinks show up.

I seem to be drawn to the attractions. Not that I'm not enamoured by the diving in O, vertical stage in KA, falling chandalier in Phantom of the Opera or even the chance to win a microwave on Price is Right Live. I want to see the fountains at Bellagio, the pirates at Treasure Island, the volcano at Mirage, the gondaliers at Venetian, and the conservatory inside Bellagio. I want to see the dolphins, tigers, lions...and strolling frat boys on the make. There is no better people watching than Vegas.

My favorite tip from this last jaunt - get the price fixe pre-show dinner. Most of the better restaurants have them. Appetiser, entree and dessert. Yes, the menu is less, but so is the price! And, we've found they often select their best dishes from this menu in order to get you to come back. And you will :D

Now I'm thinking...perhaps we need some kind of Pink Heart Society meet-up. In Las Vegas maybe? Who's with me?

Jenna's waiting for edits, waiting to hear back on a new story, and finishing the road trip book right now. Until it's ready, be sure to check out her latest. Private Scandal is ripe with secrets, sass, and sensational sex. Keep up with Jenna's spin on things on her website & blog

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