Thursday, May 12, 2011

What are you Reading Thursday - Series Books I'm DYING to read!

PHS editor Donna Alward is back with yet another post about her ginormous TBR that only seems to get bigger...

There are a number of books on my TBR that I'm dying to read. Do you know that I have only bought a handful of books since January and still my bookshelf seems to spawn itself? It is what happens when good friends are prolific and generous - a dangerous combination. So I've got a number of books on my shelf that I'm looking forward to diving into.

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To Marry A Matchmaker - by our own PHS editor Michelle Styles. I'm a horrible critique partner and friend to have it on my tbr this long! That's the next book I'm reading! (this is also my fave cover of all her books!)

The Proud Wife - Kate Walker. I've heard wonderful things!

Champagne with a Celebrity - Kate Hardy (t'other Kate!). I meant to read this after I finished (and reviewed) the first book in the duet, Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex. And it's still on my shelf...

Married: The Virgin Widow and Bought: The Penniless Bride by Deborah Hale. I started the trilogy by reading book 3 first, and now I need to read the other 2 stories!

The Nanny Next Door by Michelle Celmer - we were paired together in March as a Cherish in the UK. I love reading the stories I am paired with!


Soldier on her Doorstep by Soraya Lane. This is super special because it's Soraya's debut with Romance and she was my Pitch Contest winner a year and a half ago with this book. The fact that we're paired together in the UK is icing on the cake. This book hits the shelves in June in the UK.

Those are just the top priority books...I have tons more I haven't even mentioned!

In the meantime, if you're hard up for reading material (haha) my latest release is on shelves in the US, Canada, and Down Under. You can pick up HONEYMOON WITH THE RANCHER wherever Harlequin Romance and Mills and Boon Sweet are sold.


  1. Loved Honeymoom with the Rancher, Donna. Both our Kate's books you mentioned were incredible as well.

  2. I'm reading Anna Campbell's latest: Midnight's Wild Passion and it's gorgeous. Trying to eke it out for as long as possible because unfortunately she doesn't have a new book out every month. Sigh.
    x Abby

  3. Hi Marilyn and Abby!

    I started Michelle's last night. It is very different from the draft I first critiqued and it is LOVELY! I love her heroine. Henri and Robert are a bit of Emma and Mr. Knightley. It feels very warm and intimate and full of character.

  4. Oh, yay! New recommendations for my TBR pile! I feel like a kid who's just been given a second helping of dessert. Time to dig in.

  5. Looking forward to reading Honeymoon With the Rancher, Donna. Hope to check out some of the others. I did read Deb Hale's Bought: The Penniless Bride, and it was excellent.

  6. I can identify with the idea of a long list of wonderful books, and so little time to read them all. Thanks for more suggestions, especially your HONEYMOON WITH THE RANCHER. Bravo!