Monday, May 02, 2011

Male on Monday - Swordplay

Tawny Weber joins us with a Male on Monday post that gets our approval! (Can you really have too much Fillion, after all?)

Is there anything sexier than swordplay?  Verbal swordplay, that is.  I’m a lackadaisical TV viewer at best.  It’s rare for a TV series to hold my attention from week to week (the last one that did was Friends, which seems like forever ago), but over the last three years, I’ve been hooked on one specific show.  Hooked enough to DVR it, to watch it live and to have an iTunes subscription to it for viewing on my iPad (makes those workouts go so much faster!). 

What is it? 

Castle.  With the oh-so-clever Nathan Fillion.  Not only does he play a wickedly talented writer, Richard Castle (which adds its own insider appeal) but he’s cute, a fabulous father and OMG fabulous with the quips.  I adore this show – for him, of course.  But even more for the witty banter and sexy dialogue between he and NY Homicide Detective, Kate Beckett. 

The only thing sexier than a good looking man, is a good looking man who can keep his end up. 

His end of the conversation, I mean (well... among other things.) 

I know Nathan Fillion has done a few things before Castle, but I’ve only seen him in the criminally-too-short series, Firefly (OMG Captain Mal... so sexy!!  Did anyone see the naked scene?!  Whew, baby!) One of the hallmarks of Firefly was the clever dialogue, as well. 

So while I’m a major fan of sexy guys, gorgeous eyes and tight butts... it’s usually those clever minds that keep me coming back for more.  Witty banter, verbal foreplay... and a cute smile.

How about you?  Are you a fan of sexy swordplay?  Do you watch Castle?  If so, what do think of how this season is wrapping up? 

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  1. I watch castle. I love the show. I'm not sure I like how it is ending this year. It seems to be at loose ends to me, but I don't miss a show. I am a fan of swordplay.

  2. Becky, it's a great show! I'm excited about tonight's episode - it's supposed to take place in LA and brings Castle and Beckett closer together. I'm all for a repeat of that hot kiss!!

  3. Love Castle, and loved the letter at end of tonight's show. Will be interesting to see how the season ends!

  4. I LOVE the character, love the chemistry with Beckett...and the cute sidekicks. But please don't let them get together and ruin the