Monday, April 11, 2011

MALE ON MONDAY: "THAT" Guy from the Katy Perry Video!!

Riva author Heidi Rice talks about some inspirational MTV watching and THAT guy from the Katy Perry video Teenage Dreams.

Okay, first off THAT guy does have a name. He's male model, actor and writer Josh Kloss (not easy to say when you've had a few too many margaritas I can tell you!). Now when I decided to pick him for my coveted Male on Monday slot I did start to do some research into him... And quickly stopped.

Because you see the thing about male models is, they're much better as an illusion, IMHO, than a real guy. Now, I'm sure it's very hard work being  a male model (the pressure to be constantly buff is tough, those of us who aren't constantly buff should know!). It's a highly competitive industry and you probably have to be  thick-skinned and dedicated. But that doesn't alter the fact that these are guys who make their living looking pretty and the minute they start talking about why they're so pretty and the challenge of being so pretty, and...Well, you get my drift, it can be a little off-putting.

So I'm not going to talk about Josh Kloss, eventhough I'm sure he's a very nice guy. Because the guy I really want to talk about is the illusion: THAT guy in the Katy Perry video. Because immediately I saw that video, with Katy warbling away about her living a teenage dream and her guy looking all surly and sexy and intense next to her in the open-topped Mustang, and on the beach later as they dance together (loved the fact that he wasn't a very good dancer, made him seem rather cute and vulnerable)... The minute I saw that, I was whisked back in time to every guy I ever had a crush on at school... And I was living my teenage dreams too.

Now, I won't pretend that any of them were as good-looking as Mr Kloss, but to me, at 17 they were plenty surly, sexy and intense and when they looked at you through a haze of Benson's smoke you'd feel special. They were bad boys who drove motorbikes and smoked things they shouldn't and if they offered you a lift to Kensington Market or Portobello Road after you'd bunked off maths together, you'd immediately jump on the back. As you clung on and smelt leather and petrol and felt like a wild child, you'd also be secretly wondering if you'd just signed your own death warrant as they dipped you round corners at a billion miles an hour (probably only about ten mph actually as these were 125cc bikes that made more noise than lawnmowers!) but of course those near death moments only made the ride more thrilling, and the guy you were with more exciting.

Yeah, THAT guy in the Kate Perry video - and the song confirms it with the line 'we'll be young forever' - are THOSE guys. And when you're a woman of a certain age, watching MTV with your sons, it's wonderful and incredibly inspiring to be reminded of THAT girl, who did really stupid things with really sexy guys and can still remember how exciting it was.... Oh yeah, and luckily for her, survived long enough to write books about them!

Heidi's current Presents Extra, Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger, is out now in the US. And is being given away for free in the UK here. Her first RIVA, Cupcakes and Killer Heels, hits the UK next month, but is already available on the M&B site. Come have a chat about THOSE guys or even her books on her website, her blog, Facebook and Twitter (@HeidiRomRice). 


  1. Hi Heidi,

    You've got some cool pics. And the video is awesome. Thanks for posting!

    I loved reading Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger and am now looking forward to reading Cupcakes and Killer Hills!

  2. Aw Nas, so glad you enjoyed Sexy Stranger, hope you love Cupcakes as much... Should have added to this post that THAT guy has been the inspiration behind the hero I'm currently working on who is the brother of my Cupcakes heroine Ruby... So hopefully you'll be itching to read that too, if I ever stop watching MTV long enough to get it finished!

  3. Ah Heidi, this made me smile. I love that song. It gets played a lot in my car far too loudly and hearing my three and a half year old singing along to it, is the cutest thing ever. Hadn't seen the video before, so thanks.
    Ikwym about it bringing back memories. Many years ago I spent a week in Rome as a seventeen year old, on the back of Vespa hanging on for dear life and generally speaking having the time of my life with two army guys my friend and I had only just met. The recklessness of youth and all that. Almost falling off the back of the thing, because pencil skirts and stilettos are really such sensible attire when on the back of a motor bike lol, even if we did stop traffic and the look on the guys faces was priceless...

    *chuckles to herself*

    Can't beat Rome on the back of a bike, it was an education!

  4. Oh Doris, see now you've totally topped me. Rome on a vespa, is so much cooler that Portobello Road on a lawnmower. Makes me think of that Audrey Hepburn film with Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday. And I bet you looked fab in your unsensible pencil skirt and stilettos.

    Teenage Dreams keep us young forever, right!

  5. Heidi, I hadn't watched the video before and boy do I need to say thanks - I have a scene for my "next" book in my head now! NICE.

    And the first bit in the old ball cap and jeans...yeah. Now you know why I write cowboys.

  6. Glad to be of service Donna, that video has been very inspiring for me too!!

  7. Great video!

    The stupid things I did as a teenager back in the 1960's. I did ride on the back of a motorcycle once. I was wearing hot pink skin tight peddle pushers. A guy I had just met took me for a ride from Waterton township up to Cameron Lake. This is a 14 mile mountainous road with lots of twists and turns on it ~ not the best road in the world to pick for your first ride. We got up to the lake without too much trouble and I was beginning to lose my fear. Coming down we were going faster and I'll admit to screaming a bit. We took one corner a bit too fast and my pants split ~ not a tiny split but a give out the whole seam split. How mortifying!

  8. Oh Heidi, how your books are becoming my most guiltiest pleasure. I think every woman needs a guilty pleasure, or fantasy man for that matter. It always helps to have some eye candy, to keep one feeling so young. It's just a shame they don't materialise into reality. Loved Cupcakes & Killer Heels and am so looking forward to Ruby's brother's story, he already sounds uh-mazing, in that isolated kinda way. Great stuff.

  9. Kaelee, that sounds like a great idea for a book!! Sound like something one of mad heroines would do.

    And Roanne, so glad you're looking forward to Nick's story, I should probably get a move on with it!!

  10. Not normally a Katie Perry fan, but love that vid. I'm finding it rather inspirational this morning...

    (And I, too, spent time on the back of a Vespa in Italy, but it wasn't romantic and I was sure I was going to die...)